Episode 170 ~Looking Forward To Will~

I don’t want a girl that only keeps me on my toes but knocks me off of my feet, and no I’m not one of those guys if anything I too lazy or too terrified to move but how often do I see someone so beautiful? Looking Forward To Will.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Episode 170 ~Looking Forward To Will~

Dear Future Wife,
How To Make One Million Dollars, well probably ten million by this point (Thank You Jim Carrey) but wait how about One Hundred Million, I can keep going and how you know I can run. So I ask myself what was it about you… okay not just you, I tried frying bacon once, set off smoke detectors, I’ve had panic attacks at three different jobs, B III had a fever and hurt his leg, two separate occasions, I was scared, but I didn’t run away those times.

“Call It Courage” is more than a book I read once for school (decent enough), and speaking of school, maybe that was it, I was expected to stay put, I didn’t want to remember the past, the future always got worst but in the end, as the song goes, I’m Alive. Breathing is a good thing right but to keep you; it meant reading a cookbook, it was finding a way to listen to my calling, and knowing in my heart what I had to do. I still can’t cook much but more than tartar sauce, I couldn’t work retail, but my books are selling… and Triple B is going to live to ripe old age, seeing as how we gave him siblings and more comfy spots to consider always.

Like father like son, he looks forward to breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, to relaxing as I read, to the light outside so he can go for walks, four legs and makes it look effortless and here I have two and taking that first step towards you was probably the hardest thing ever. Then on the day, you became mine, your first step, your next, how many after that and you were here beside me, and I know, I say it over and over, I expect to see you go running away someday. Next thing I know the two of us are chasing six feet, who are probably hunting four paws as I speak, I’m sure B III wasn’t looking forward to this in senior years.

Still, I call it Puppy Love because the first time I saw you baby girl, I didn’t know how my legs worked, I longed to make you happy, to hear my name on your lips, would it take a hop, skip and a jump, would I step or would I leap? Do you know why dragons and knights fight; you’re no damsel in distress, my love; you’re my Girl On Fire, man, and beast envy that inferno in women but I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm, so here I stand, and here I stay ha, your Will, my will, Looking Forward To Will?

I Will Have No Fear

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