Episode 177 ~Will, He Knows Santa~

One day I do intend to have a house with a chimney and a vast fireplace and be it the roar of the fire, all the wrapping paper, or my mom’s Whitney Houston Christmas tunes I won’t mutter bah humbug. Will, He Knows Santa.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Episode 177 ~Will, He Knows Santa~

Dear Future Wife,

How To Make One Million Dollars, I mean if it’s not under the tree, which is only one more thing I’ll have to learn, putting up a tree, Christmas lights around the house, and probably housebreaking B III again as he’ll do what dogs do. I’ll do what dads or excuse me Santa Claus does, I mean sometimes it can be an art, another day a science, a minute, a moment, a memory to make someone happy, the kids, you babydoll, myself, a night like this I Believe In You And Me.

Since I’ve grown up (have I) lover, husband, father, I suppose I have learned to appreciate Christmas for other reasons, yeah I like working overnights, breaking into my house, getting to pretend to be someone I’m not. Maybe that song It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year has it right to a certain degree and here’s another thing what would be my Christmas wish, kids tell you straight, and you aren’t honestly the shiny trinket type of a girl and of course with Triple B, as long as it goes into his mouth… I can be Scrooge, Santa, any one of the spirits, a student of gift giving though like the Beast to Belle:

Excuse my language my love but you know I could be so much worse and on this night I have seen those that would lie but for if not a noble reason, one that brings happiness and joy, tradition and I am a traditionalist. I am my mother’s son, and while I couldn’t tell you what she truly feels about Christmas, she would do anything to see my sister and I happy. I want to see you smile, I want our children to have everything they desire and if that means they believe in a man with a long white beard and a red suit well the things that I have faith in you know?

That’s why my friend got me a zombie fighting kit, how I believe that B III will be quite grey for the time being and if somehow Santa got you here to me, talk about a Christmas miracle indeed. So we’ll stay up tonight, wrapping presents, sipping cocoa, watching The Preacher’s Wife; yep my mom got me hooked or maybe A Christmas Story or A Christmas Carol, and perhaps by the early morning hours I’ll see the man I need to be wishing us all a very Merry Christmas. he’ll have to knock, or maybe the kids see you kissing him, perchance he’s in the mirror, Will, He Knows Santa.”

I Will Have No Fear

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