Episode 204 ~No Rest For The Wicked~

No rest for the wicked but the good find it far earlier than most, and maybe that’s one more reason that I’m writing this on Sunday. I wish I could say it’s for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr but no I’m slothful and yet I sing, No Rest For The Wicked

Monday, January 21, 2019

Episode 204 ~No Rest For The Wicked~

Sixty-Eighth Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, well do you think it’s a lack of sleep that brings evil out of them and what stops them from sleeping I ask you, Guilty, Girls, Guns, a few or of so many Gulps that are the product of fear? As for this moment Madam Justice I couldn’t tell you, and while you are not Inspector Echo, please excuse me for talking to you a day early, am I a Bad Man you think?

While I may have the capacity to prophesy my sins through dreams and yes I’m still thinking about that one, the pretty girl from the day job, I cannot foresee what evil I will bring this week. Hell, I would say I’m evil at any time but today being Sunday and all, I slept like a baby last night, and why was that… How To Save A Life and as I was telling the Man In The Mirror, I want to save “B III” and me. Persistence, now I call it devotion but think about the young MILF, should I ask her out again because I know I’m not asking “Indiana Gone” or “Okay,” I looked Pathetic enough, maybe Polite, how I wonder some days Justice do I look Possible?

Not if I’m the nice guy but how I want to sleep and not all good rest, Bob Marley said something to the tune of not taking a day off, by his logic I’m not evil but no good either which leads me to the middle of the road. Another great man said that the white line is the worst place to drive and so I ask myself am I at best wishing to achieve balance or at worst am I apathetic when it comes to humanity? I like to believe that everyone should do their thing, as long as you’re not hurting anyone in any way (Ravishment, BDSM, Sex Tape) yeah that’s for Dirty Diana, but everyone lives, and that works… except it doesn’t.

As always I believe that Sloth is my third sin… one is lust, two is anger, but yes sloth, and how many times will I mention this but take the MILF, I do good only to deliver my evil and when I go to bed at night because am I getting into Heaven… no in bed let my good outweigh my evil. One more reason I should probably get a new mattress but like that Gilette commercial “the best a man can get” or the new one, in this world, No Rest For The Wicked.

I Will Have No Fear

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