Episode 214 ~Will A Tight Lip~

Shut-Up, sit down, scratch, or more like punch the keys, get to grinding but I instead stay between the sheets, the bar searching, or the billfold, pretending I’m doing something, thinking of all I should honestly be doing. Will A Tight Lip

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Episode 214 ~Will A Tight Lip~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars, if anything my mind is quite tight-lipped about these things but then I ask myself again, what am I scratching about, which pains do I stifle, and why do I continue a seemingly endless search.

I have plenty of time to be angry about what I’m not writing but as for what I am beside this conversation; names, nickels, and the Neanderthal ways of lesser men I would like to think. Something I have discovered about an aversion to “Fapping” if I have not said this before but your hunter’s instincts turn up quite a few notches; it makes you want to go out, makes the once ordinary extraordinary, and of course the idea to O, how else did the MILF get to me. I’m still staring at her tits, that’s how she wound up in my last novel but now it’s all cosplayers, pretty playthroughs, and Prom Night, I do mean with Whitney Wright, a younger reminder of two of my favorite MILFs honestly.

I’ve barely been keeping it in my pants, so yeah plenty of pain and the thing I learned about pain is either people can’t hear, hurry it, or help “mostly.” One more reason I’m a dominant, I need a submissive’s pain to be louder than mine, I don’t want her to crave it, but I don’t want her to hide from it or wish it away. As always with everything, I want to feel useful, of course, there’s aftercare but more, doctor’s flit between life and death, I want to go between pleasure and pain.

“The G-Spot…” between two pussy lips, how about the tongue, the moment a dollar bill exchanges hands, the pages between cover to cover and yet everything above that is what dictates whether we go on that journey, beauty, brains, bucks, etc. Didn’t mean to go with all my philosophy today but I guess I’ve lost myself in pictures on Pinterest attempting to find one particular gallery that for all I know might not even exist anymore. Will and the lost pin, pretty face, even porno, and already I have more than I would ever need; yet a reason to want to produce more with books, brothels, and breaths because you know you hold one in right before, well blast off.

Now that’s the one thing that I don’t hide, days counting, I want to be better, plus I’m not a celebrity in some rehab or prison yet… I keep things to myself these days, but that’s because I’m so lazy honestly; Will A Tight Lip.

I Will Have No Fear

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