Episode 213 ~Fanging Innocence, Not Will~

Does the wolf ever smile, does Jason, I would be ever so much worse if I were Freddy, but I tend not to loiter on Elm Street, but a man will dream, and since I’m not grinding my teeth, this isn’t Hell but as for Heaven. “Fanging Innocence, Not Will.”

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Episode 213 ~Fanging Innocence, Not Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, it’s not by grinding my teeth in the middle of the night (more like after work), eating fast food all the time, or growling at the whole world though indifference is worse and why fear monsters, when there are always people.

My first sin is wanting to be like other people, well no I have my preferences… being the lone wolf, giving in to primal urges, and should I even mention the “Harmonic War” that’s something I haven’t thought of in a long time. Jacob Black went rogue, chased a girl that didn’t “want” him” and dare I speak “waiting” for Renesmee… probably less of a sin than wanting his body; not like that, hell I see plenty of that in erotica, and I’m not gay or skeevy, thank “The Hostage” I do mean the novel.

Let my second sin, please be that I couldn’t control my temper, punched a wall, a locker, and kicked a chair, you know, when I think I’m getting over my “aversion” for other black people, leave it to my general manager or a “stone” girl to bring back my rage. No blood from stones THEY say but is the innocent any better… Chloë Grace Moretz; beautiful, beastly, biting, might explain my mouth now, you think?

So is a third sin not thinking before I speak, zombies aren’t supposed to talk, no we only feed on the living, and for some that means brains, and even now I look at myself as being too good for that, still not writing my review of Depredation By Natalie Bennett. Now the body one more reason I want an apocalypse, a purge, a plethora of DVDs from The Innocence Of Youth collection, or the Vault Girls, little words and I have such a big mouth apparently, and my will…

No, that’s huge, my fourth sin is my pride, I think of how my grandmother would say I was full of it, and how whenever I got into trouble I expected to get away with it because I was small, silly, something no one could be bothered with, no wonder I looked for the big crimes. What is it about such a need for attention that people willingly destroy themselves or go looking for reasons to annihilate beauty, brains, and bucks, it’s almost as if we’re under a witch’s spell, so am I afraid now?

Always and never because people create monsters, werewolves, vampires, zombie’s and witches to hide their true selves but of course it’s people who are the best monsters and what am I Inspector Echo, only a man asking for forgiveness, but my “fangs” say it all; no Fanging Innocence, Not Will

I Will Have No Fear

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