Episode 229 ~Will, Nope, B’s Daddy~

Why so down on myself today, a failure at most things in my life but then the ball of fluff has turned fourteen, as the priest exclaimed art thou happy or as Michelle Branch sang, are you happy now, the odds of seeing her boobs? Will, Nope, B’s Daddy

Friday, February 15, 2019

Episode 229 ~Will, Nope, B’s Daddy~

Hey Lady Sophia,
How To Make One Million Dollars, rewrite history, can I make math harder. Invest in bulletproof accessories sigh. The joys of education; my big three are not reading, writing and arithmetic though they should be. Only for me, it’s, stupid people, my looking stupid and honestly being stupid my dear Lady Sophia.

I got a taste of all three today but let’s start with the thought of using a pseudonym for my writing. I mean, all honesty it’s too late “Will’s Writings, Witticisms, And Wisdom.” Thank you Karen Marie Moning, Alessandra Torre, Pepper Winters, Ker Dukey, and K. Webster. What was I saying about reading, since I haven’t been doing much of it these days? As far as using a pseudonym for my novels? So people don’t know “what” I am, you can tell plenty about a man from his reading selections, Sir’s Salacious Studies? Now I’ve never read “The Circle” by Dave Eggers. (I saw the movie). Are there more depressing, dirtier, destructive words? Well, of course, there are though I’m still hesitant to say them because of my “great” name?

Because I’m a parent… I don’t think B III cares. He is getting too old for this “crap,” and so am I, but he still has his cute face. I still remember the day a man offered me $500.00, hell people have written checks of up to $900. I write again and again that Triple B IS MY SON and at the same time he protects me. Will can’t do anything but B III’s Daddy will do anything. My actions more than back that up which is one more reason I’m writing late. I know Lady Sophia, take responsibility like S Wolf, Todd Michaels, or Vladimir Nabokov. There’s a reason I forget male “sex” writers, but they’re braver than me.

Smarter considering what women can say about a man. In most of my stories, a woman ends up spreading her legs. Of course, I’m a breast man, and I want to write novels about this. Worse because how much did I pay the MILF again and now I want to join a Patreon only to see some girl’s boobs. A crime and I was thinking of the MILF, the Cosplayer, two of my friends are all victims of sexual crimes. Hence my “attraction.” Makes me sound horrible right, victim-hood and innocence being a turn on. The thing is none of these people hide, not even M. Night Shyamalan so why can’t I be me. People are stupid, I looked in the mirror and saw it, and I failed a Spanish class and French so, in English. Will is scary, Will is skeevy, and Will is Stupid; Will, Nope, B’s Daddy.

I Will Have No Fear

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