Episode 268 ~A Will Of Curiosity~

I wish somebody knew me as well as my dog, whenever somebody asks me questions about myself, it’s for dirt, if they read me, they are looking for the worse in me, and nobody appreciates my fandoms yet when I ask about someone. A Will Of Curiosity not

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Episode 268 ~A Will Of Curiosity~

Dear Future Wife,
How To Make One Million Dollars, figure out dogs, I know my son. B III loves Milk-Bone MaroSnacks, and Vitamin Treats; hates Dentastixs. He twirls when he does something of merit. He sits outside the bathroom door when I take an evening shower. He knows me, a part of me is sad because like father like son. What you know can’t hurt you. We’re both sticklers at clock-watching; I hate being late; we both want to assess our environments. He loves me, and I love him and when it comes to people?

I believe in love at first sight. So when I first met you as Elton John sang “If I was a sculptor…” Now while I could never excel at science my curiosity, creativity. My craving is never satisfied. Life is about learning. Liking is about belief. Love is both evolution and revolution. However, as you know, I am not a man of faith. If you like without understanding? Well, I’ve said before they make love seem like the scariest monster that’s ever existed; like room 1408. You know I like horror movies. Triple B knows not to bother me during The Walking Dead. You both know that last Sunday’s episode The Calm Before; well nightmares.

You see I want to learn how to love you. I want to know everything, but if you ever asked me how I want to be? You’ll probably beat my ass for saying this (LANGUAGE). Only I want Autumn Reeser, more to the point Taylor Townsend. Yes, I have a thing for brunettes. Okay, even more to the fact, somebody that gets all my references. You know how we can lie here together and rant about what just happened on the show, the horror, the horror sigh. We try to sleep and then we spend the morning watching YouTube videos, venting about the same episode. B III might be my ultimate weapon. How long did it take one of my friends to win him over? Four months, talk about being an excellent judge of character.

Curiosity killed the cat THEY say but satisfaction… One more reason I’m still walking. Why I like zombies and why I love you. So much that my life is an open book and I’ll again tell you I have my secrets. So you drink from the well that is my madness. You sing I want to Sink To The Bottom with you. Or are we Dead In The Water? All this is coming from someone who’s terrified of the water. But why do you scare me so much more? Unlike swimming I’m learning, wanting to know A Will Of Curiosity.

I Will Have No Fear

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