Episode 296 ~Will Rest Soon Enough~

Still dreaming about counting gold and not sunlight, I suppose I’ll see enough of it when the work day’s through, and no I don’t mean the day job; to have a woman dragging me to bed, who’s not my mother, who knew. Will Rest Soon Enough

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Episode 296 ~Will Rest Soon Enough~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now but like with love, I’m greedy, I’m selfish, hell I’m human. So I keep working and never thought I would see the day when you would have to call me to bed. I ain’t gonna lie; I heard a woman say once, that a man should spend the most on his bed sheets if he intends to keep a woman there. Another said that a man must create Heaven, how better to attract an angel. Still one more said you must live as though you have what you want. For example, not writing in the center of the bed as usual.

All this so as in Conan The Barbarian, I would not face the growing darkness alone. I still don’t, not with all this light in the house, means someone is doing their job. I have all my characters. My love-struck heart has known brokenness many times over again. Between B III, you love, the children, do I have friends that I care for like that? I should like to think so. My books, brain, and businesses are all over; center around Nevada and California of course. All that glitters ain’t gold. I know that. Yes, all the bright lights of Vegas, Carson City, and Reno. The spotlights of Hollywood, the LA sun, aren’t to keep me away from you. Though there’s the purpose, taking me away from that day job glaze I once did endure.

I don’t want our kids growing up as spoiled brats, and Triple B only needs so much yard. This huge house isn’t so I can hide. I put my soul to paper every day, and I’m still not inclined to party or go out. Only a job’s a job. All the diamonds and pearls, the gems and the camera lens, no wonder a man finds it hard to rest. My Love, I never want to go back to before. What I mean is before you and where was I once upon a time? A boy on the street, a businessman, the beast. You baby girl are the richest of us all because I give you All Of Me. Sigh then why am I here instead of lying with you this very moment, I should be.

I want everything in this world, and that might make me sound bad but to have it all to give away; Will Rest Soon Enough.

I Will Have No Fear

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