Episode 295 ~Until You Know, Keep Asking~

I know a little bit about many things and while no one is a fool for asking when did silence suddenly come to mean “retardation,” and so I’m not talking to those people anymore but instead speaking to the Universe. “Until You Know, Keep Asking”

Monday, April 22, 2019

Episode 295 ~Until You Know, Keep Asking~

Eighty-First Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now. I’ve stopped asking how and started believing in now. So when’s the last time I listened to any of my motivations. Well okay other than the one about money. Only I will keep doing that along with tempting the UNIVERSE, every day Madam Justice.

The thing is, I’m tired of looking; well you know the word. Yes, that happens mostly at the Day Job which is why I sing, and I don’t care who hears. I know now I’m alive and I’m not going to ask permission to do so. Still strangely enough singing is having a positive effect. However, I don’t take shifts where I have to ask questions. I don’t ask to move from one location to the next. I’m living this life with the belief that I know what I’m doing from now on. In truth who has any idea? Of course, this leads me back to those people that don’t know. Then I do ask the question of when am I going to tell them to keep their hands off me. I swear one day.

If I’m looking forward to any day, then it has to be when I get a decision from Cherry. You remember when I dared to ask MILF Dos about modeling for me. Shocker, I never thought it to be possible she would say yes. I got “Okay” to take off her clothes, and that didn’t take anything but what, my charming personality. I’ve been asking her ever since though and ain’t that a story Madam Justice. Cherry though, I’ve mapped out the photo shoot. Even gave it a name “Cherry Pickin.’” Nevertheless, I ask and continue to do so because I got to know. Funny know and no, and I’m hoping for the former always.

You see it doesn’t make anyone stupid to ask. What hurts the most is when everyone expects you to, it’s like that Twilight Zone Episode The Path. For the longest time, I’ve been asking questions about things I know. I read somewhere that nobody gives you the education to overthrow them. Only some people overestimate my desires for their position in this life. Again you know what I want in life. The Universe and I have never been close, but I’m learning to trust it. Just does that mean losing faith in people as well? Until You Know, Keep Asking.

I Will Have No Fear

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