Episode 312 ~Willing The Red Dawn~

So I did pick one fantasy, and it breaks my heart and how can I expect to stay awake all night for this, what will the bunnies/lovers say, that I’m crazy and trust my novels are something else. Willing The Red Dawn.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Episode 312 ~Willing The Red Dawn~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, so I’ll relish this fantasy:

Dear Alice and Ruby,
More on my “Red Dawn” Fantasy which I have filled you both in on. Still, I wish to go further in the details. Again you both know you will play cult followers of “Good Leader Tavis” from @ThePurgeTV. Only you will be looking to escape her. Moments before The Purge warning, which we will watch together you beg me to let you in. You’ll either be wearing blue robes like the show. Underneath, red thigh netted thigh highs, fluffy orange skirt, black bustier with orange strings. Pink and black striped thigh highs, hot pink fluffy skirt, black bustier with pink ties holding. Alice and Ruby respectively.

If not that blue virgin killer sweaters with the stockings. Alice’s hair will be in curly pigtails. Ruby’s hair will be in waves flowing down her shoulders and back. Shoes will be sneakers but switched to black ankle strap high heels. Now I was planning a Purge party, but the “victim” never got delivered. So you two are talking me into keeping you safe for the duration. There is a lot you may have a problem with such as my video camera. Being tied up, an assortment of sex toys, the blinding hoods. Most of all indeed my grand finale.

For example, sex toys are throughout the room. So when I don’t have you both in bed, you can get off to a toy on the wall, dresser, glory hole style. When you have the hoods on they will serve as other “party goers.” Near the end, you two will have a small, playing wrestling match. The winner will be of my choosing, and the loser will have a hood placed over there head to signify defeat. Afterward, the winner will help me play with the loser who will not be allowed to talk or react until I say so. Think “The Corpse of Anna Fritz” to a certain extent.

Also while I’m looking at the Peppermill Resort? I wish there were a room like the Princess Suite at the Mustang Ranch. Could find a way to set up a suite as such but this won’t be happening until September, if ever. Anyway, that’s my fantasy. There is more to come if I can find a way and you both agree, Willing The Red Dawn.

I Will Have No Fear

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