Episode 311 ~Will Is So Hot~

How sick am I, not that kind of illness, haven’t had the flu in years, so how can I explain how lazy I’m being; happy thoughts, I’m grateful for getting back into reading, for beauty, and The Purge franchise. “Will Is So Hot”

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Episode 311 ~Will Is So Hot~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Millionaire right now, with the A/C blasting, buried beneath my covers, while blasting Star Wars videos. So yeah I’m Jabba the Hutt still trying to play as though I’m Dennis Hof. Hell, I want to be even better than he was. Another sin would be that of comparison. Can I at least acknowledge the fact that I’m not a good man? Still, I have kept the essential part in my pants; did I say that out loud Inspector Echo?

Wouldn’t it be my head, my heart, or my hands? As is the case that my mind is all over the place these days. Now my little head, well we’ll get to that. As far as my heart, I love B III and money, my hands… sigh. Between Eileen Kelly, Sesskasays, Cherry, Ruby Rae, The Five by Lily White, etc. speaking of my pants. I’ve been a begging S.O.B. lately. There’s Cherry and Milf Dos, and I would call myself selfish only thinking about me. Hell, I saw Milf Dos had a charity thing that’s gotten funded. While all I can think about is being too chicken to get her clothes off. Fear though continues to be my greatest sin. Be it singing at work, not saying what’s on my mind, all the secrets I keep; done in the dark.

Which is precisely where my fantasies are going only should I blame Lily. My libido, what gods of lust exist. Now I know you’re not Dirty Diana, but you want to hear a fantasy that’s sending me to Hell? Of course, I told you about Alice Little and Ruby Rae, The Purge. The last time I checked Ruby was nowhere near this level, ropes, blinding hoods. Adding The Purge movies themselves, now Alice hmm? So I would like to play a game, yes I’m mixing in the Saw movies, have both women, but only one walks out. FANTASY, can I stress that enough? Between The Five, The Purge, and “The Corpse of Anna Fritz” is nothing original anymore. Yes, I’ve said I want to have my Pure Taboo studio eventually., Only my fantasy come September?

Yeah, Indiana Gone is right I have to publish a book. Stop dreaming about giving my money away right? I do ask your forgiveness Inspector Echo, and there is always enough money burning in my pocket. Will Is So Hot.

I Will Have No Fear

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