Episode 310 ~Will’s Mr. Big Stuff~

“A big dog, a boss hog, what I want is the question,” and the song answers that too “I Want It All,” what did you expect me to do the song Mr. Big Stuff, I’m not that old, but I’ll find aging in luxury with a beautiful wife. Will’s Mr. Big Stuff

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Episode 310 ~Will’s Mr. Big Stuff~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now. No multimillionaire, not enough, billionaire, how about a trillion? Now didn’t Forrest Gump say something directly about he wasn’t that smart, but he knows what love is? You won’t like me saying this baby girl. I always told myself when I chose a woman to be with, forever, I wanted a girl so beautiful that I didn’t want to um? That’s a conversation for another time and not that we haven’t.

I think they’re bigger, I would know it. I want to be that kind of daddy, on top of running all the businesses I do. Also knowing I will keep some of it away from our children. I intend to be there to watch them grow up. When they smile, I want to know how they can be happier. They laugh we need more of it. While it doesn’t need to be said but they’ll be no bribes to college. They are going to know they’re smart enough; they’re the best. Okay, do the opposite of everything my “father” did but yes providing for them. They want to sword fight, I love Star Wars, and I’m getting into Game Of Thrones. They want to play the guitar; they get lessons. Swimming’s a must because hell something as vast as the ocean terrifies me; Poseidon anyone?

It’s bigger because my love for you is so great. We’re going to need the space for everything else. It’s no secret even with lifestyles of the rich and famous I want the world to go away. My movie theater; everything delivered, personal on-call vet for B III right? Am I still so afraid you’ll leave me? Do I not want you to escape? Mr. Grey will see you now. The fact that you haven’t run for the hills yet is promising. It could be with all this space I want to shed all my worries. Of course, those should stop at the front door. Am I just a greedy SOB? True enough but the meaning of life to me is simple. Seek Out A Kingdom Worthy Of Your Soul and once upon a time I thought I sold mime.

Big things come in small packages. I knew that when I met my firstborn. When I wrote my first book, bestseller, one million, met you. I love you, and now ha Will’s Mr. Big Stuff.

I Will Have No Fear

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