Episode 321 ~The Will To Assemble~

From Ill-Will to Iron Will and I’m hoping to work a bit of alchemy maybe or could I become like “Ironman,” no spoilers from me but if you haven’t seen that movie yet, where have you been, as for me. The Will To Assemble.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Episode 321 ~The Will To Assemble~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now; it’s only going to take time to assemble it. Let me repeat it, three months. Now that’s what I promised myself, and it’s something to see when the money won’t fit in my doggie bank. Still, for a man, that to this day isn’t a fan of teamwork, you know the old saying? I was rather fond of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ronin Warriors. Few seasons of the Power Rangers.

Now, how many times have I spoken about being Prometheus? Every day it feels as though a part of me is missing, eaten away, yum. My heart, brain, penis ow, and it returns for better or worse considering the day after. For example, two heads beating one and all that. Do you know who Audrey Charlize, Linda Chase, or Izumi Tachibana are? I didn’t care until a few days ago. If there was only a way to put such a skill to use, finding a P.Y.T. and men, they turn on. If there is one thing I’ve garnered from all my motivations, it’s a need for purpose. To give all of yourself to it, like John Legend singing All Of Me. One man giving everything he is, and that’s enough, to make these women tremble.

I do the same, but for the wrong reasons Right Thing, Wrong Way. I have seen girls fall in love with vampires, werewolves, and even dead men. Only in this day and age, it’s men in general who are the worse. Dammit, am I still 3/5 a person, half a man, worse only a boy too afraid to say anything. However, I’m fighting; I gear up. I keep my lips closed, head covered, and ears full. I don’t have much faith in humanity, but I have even less in any god. People all have varying prices. Money can hide you, change you, it can reassemble.

What do people want to see? It wouldn’t matter if I were Ill-Will. I want to be Iron Will. Only with The Power of Will, I can get this done, which brings us back to money. I have the brain she’s got the looks, another has the brawn. You know what that means, the Opportunities. Ending on a happy note, I know I have everything I need if I stop shielding the best, hiding the worst, The Will To Assemble.

I Will Have No Fear

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