Episode 332 ~Which Red Witch Will~

If I didn’t say it today, three months but I believe I can have the money by June 30th, hell I still remember when I was banking on PCH to come here, and they did, and another person won. Which Red Witch Will, I have choices a thousand, shout praises

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Episode 332 ~Which Red Witch Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Millionaire right now. I’m going to have it all on June 30th. Now before you ask me where I pulled that number from (out of my butt)? No, let’s thank PCH always. Only I haven’t played it anywhere near how I once did. The Grand Prize will get me to Nevada and if not that, well? If I Had A Million Dollars as always.

So what’s the red witch, it was making myself feel bad in the shower; no not like that. We’ll get to it no doubt, but you know how my mind works. So I have to think about the worst thing I’ve done. Look at the Episode number. Remember why I started this blog once again. I wouldn’t allow myself to fall into anger Inspector Echo. Still, it remains, and the target is usually myself. That’s why I began repeating in my head, “June 30th.” The Universe will make a way; I could feel it more today. You know how I am at work usually, but I didn’t get tired. Brainbuddy is working, or it could be the Placebo Effect. Though I wanted to be sick to leave school, I tell myself I’m fine at work.

I’m fine, I’m great, but it’s hard. I can’t stress this enough; it’s so fucking hard (Language). I wish my neck were as powerful with this head not looking down. I have no directness of purpose besides the one million dollars. Can I blush, now that’s the question? What do I have to be embarrassed about Inspector? Chasing hoes (again Will) don’t get you paid. Spend no dough on the booty. My life goal does not change. I’ve proven that the more you have, the more you worry. There was a time I only had $300.00 to my name. I was going to spend that on some brunette or blonde. Hell, I’m surprised you know who didn’t kill my love of brunettes; driving me crazy.

So what’s with redheads and me. Besides the fact that I finished watching Lolita (1997) at Cherry’s behest. One of the few times I’ll admit I cared more for the movie than the book. That’s a great sin. Now she wants me to watch Pretty Baby (1978). Well, I did get her to read Sick Fux by Tillie Cole. Greater sins always await. Sorry but still Which Red Witch Will?

I Will Have No Fear

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