Episode 331 ~When Will Looked Up~

If I told you what my business was; well, it beats the alternative, and what word could I use, better to focus on being the husband I want to be, the lover, father, the man, who looked up long enough not to put her in my DVD. When Will Looked Up

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Episode 331 ~When Will Looked Up~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and I became so by looking down. Sometimes I think I’ve run through everything Spotify has to offer. I have found my purpose in the greatest of sins. So when I did look up, it was with fire in my eyes. According to my motivations. Albert Einstein talked about living in a friendly or hostile Universe. Only I became indifferent. People look down on me and now? Hell if I’m going to be this low, I might as well run it.

So when I looked up and saw you, well I’m not the singer I used to be. Anyone at my old Day Job can tell you that. In my current work, despite what people think of it, I honor women, I respect them. Still, you are so much more than my latest; you’re my greatest inspiration. I could sound like some macho chauvinist and treat you one way. And yes feminism confuses me, us being equal. So maybe it’s the primal instinct that says I should chase you. I know I call you a princess, an angel, my queen, a goddess. You should never elevate a woman so that you’re beneath her I read somewhere. Only if I did not, how would I run my business? If I didn’t, I would be the common man or worse, a Republican. I was following your lead, and quoting Madmartigan from Willow here:

I looked up, and that’s when I realized that I had something real to do. Love isn’t work, or a chore, if anything it should be like breathing. While I want the world, baby girl, you are my sky. Sigh that’s too much for anyone.

Now I didn’t have to put you on a pedestal, a throne. I didn’t have to knock on Heaven’s door. As the song goes, without you they’re never gonna let me in. One more reason I have never looked to any God. Because to me, Heaven is looking up when the kids say “look what mommy did.” It’s watching B III leave me and climb to your lap smirking. “If you want her, come claim her.” Paradise is lying in bed and seeing you right above me; I love you.

I don’t look up because everyone looks down one way or another. It wasn’t red, gold, and green it was you When Will Looked Up.

I Will Have No Fear

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