Gospel 054 ~Be Something They Can’t Solve~

Is it still morning? I’ve had a few revelations since the beginning and the ending of this conversation, so I won’t complain. Why won’t I, though; I’m pretty complicated or so everyone thinks. “Be Something They Can’t Solve.”

Monday, August 24, 2020

Gospel 054 ~Be Something They Can’t Solve~

Hundred And Fifty-First Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and THEY all ask how? Here’s a question for you; since when did I become THEY? In all honesty, I’m wondering how I’m even awake or fighting all my “primal” urges from one moment to the next.

Nobody Knows, THEY Don’t Know, please stop me, Madam Justice, before I turn into another Spotify channel. Okay, one more, “be a simple kind of man.” I wish I was. When did I become so Complicated? I’m Hot N Cold.

It’s having to lie. I’ve told you before that I can’t stand to liars or to lie. It’s like smoking, I suppose, you feel good, but at the end of the day, you’re killing yourself. Hell, we’re all dying, but there’s no rush, or I don’t want it to be… well not today anyway. It’s why we create the mystery, but I’m not at all.

I say I want to be something they can’t solve, but every day I’m right here. I’m like one of those Playboy sheets of turn-ons and turn-offs. The answer is right before their faces, but they don’t want to accept the truth of me. Does the same go for me? When I was still talking to MILF Tres, she told me things and then me and my big mouth. Maybe I didn’t hear it correctly with MILF Uno, and again I answered wrong. As with MILF Dos, I talked too damn much, I should have waited to see her Yabbos again and just shut up.

See that right there. I love Yabbos, I like books. Usually erotica or YA with a pretty heroine. You know I’m not one for swearing every single breath. Except for the beautiful Irish Youtuber Katie O’Shaughnessy. I have no qualms about violence, but I hate the NRA, and I even own a gun. So why is everyone trying to figure me out? Of course, there is my friend who says I give myself far too much credit. Yes, my PRIDE.

I’m a fan of all seven sins, though my favorite will always be LUST thank you, Ker Dukey. I’ve read four of her books actually, and I’m only finding that out now. Besides my discoveries, there are the things I have to hide always because if people did know everything…

I’m a black man in America, cages are used as easy answers for my “kind.” Be Something They Can’t Solve

I Will Have No Fear

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