Gospel 082 ~Do, There Is No Try~

Star Wars is always good for wisdom, but it doesn’t help if I don’t take it in. Maybe if I was getting paid pittance for it, but I’ve had my blog for four years, and I take comfort in it. The Day Job for nine years, and I hate it. Do, There Is No Try

Monday, September 21, 2020

Gospel 082 ~Do, There Is No Try~

Hundred And Fifty-Fourth Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but is that enough to invest in Disney? Madam Justice, I have so many reservations. More like I misspelled the word excuses. At this particular moment in time (Time-Travel), I’m pretty damn motivated. Do you remember how I said earlier this morning (Sunday) I wanted to take another nap? Well, since I was busy trying to save my porno stash. Also, I’m making room for more… @QOCWorkblog, Alice Little, more Tifa Lockhart. Now how am I so clear when it comes to that, besides being a guy.

When it comes to writing, here I am. All it took was one girl calling me skeevy, which morphed into a going on now; four-year blog. It was never trying with writing. It’s what I am, but I didn’t talk to Lady Lu forever. Regardless of everything else, writing’s me. Madam Justice, to my left, lies the Dæmon. Now my views on love… damn but with him, food, water, attention, comfy spots. Am I a good father? It’s why I fail every week because I want to be. So what about his chip, his nails? He could use a bath. Only no, and why not? Again am I being a better man. I’m still thinking about my Six Impossible Things. I’m motivated, but every moment is a struggle to not look at something more ADULT, and in that, I have failed. It’s been two days.

While I was waiting for updates, I was on my phone looking up my lost Pinterest boards. I’m not going back but tell that to Dear Future Wife. I lost everything, so that includes Looking For My Swirl, so finding pictures? Of course, I will, but it will be harder. Madam Justice, the dumbest thing, remains. I hate the Day Job, but there is no trying there, I do. Everything I want out of life is trying but as the song questions. “Why do the things I hate come so naturally?” Because I’m trying to have the existence everyone believes. Impossible, Immoral, Insane, are the words I use for everything I want. Master Yoda said Luke was too old. It’s been about two weeks since Existence Day, but I’ve wanted to be someone else or not be here for years.

A scary thought, but I’m not there yet with Depression. Being me, I must do. Do, There Is No Try.

I Will Have No Fear

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