Gospel 259 ~It’s Messy B Leaving~

I’m not much of a neat freak. I only clean when pretty girls or hateful fathers come by. Braxton, though, if he didn’t go outside, it meant his bathroom spot needed cleaning, and with my hours, sometimes I would walk in and wow. It’s Messy B Leaving.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Gospel 259 ~It’s Messy B Leaving~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I still want to change my future kid’s diapers. No, Braxton’s bathroom pad, once more.

Shit, it’s been, um wow, forty-five days, while I am still very much attached to Braxton today. Inspector Echo, B III’s pad has been clean since he left me. What’re a few more smells to miss? I would indeed live in that filth than how I’ve been spending forty-five days. Disgusting, who am I to say, nature’s calling. I still haven’t checked the fridge when it comes to his food. Maybe I should donate it to a pet shelter, hmm? One, what if it was the food that took my son? Two, if I give it away, who’s to say I wouldn’t look around some. And three I saw a dog on Sunday but I didn’t want him or her. One Deer Head Chihuahua, please…

Not that many people giving them up, and what about buying one? With all the money I’m spending daily, and nothing is helping. I’ve thought again about buying more guns, but I’m trying to stay far away from the ones I do have. What’s one more sin, but then B? To you, Inspector Echo, this is as close to “Bargaining” as I’m going to get. How many sins have I renounced trying to what… talk my way into Heaven? Anything to see Braxton again because I know he isn’t coming back here. Yeah, says the man refilling a water bowl. I hid things from Braxton, I’ll admit that. What parent doesn’t? Lead me not into temptation, so I’m cleaning out my closet or stuffing it?

Nothing else to think about other than my son, warm in his bed. For a bit longer without one single breath. He was a mess, and so was I as the vet and her assistant looked on. You know how I hate to leave a mess, but by all accounts, I did that day… Braxton. Inspector Echo, my heart to this day is broken, my soul is shattered, and my mind. As the song goes, where is my mind? No longer in the trash, the gutter, the filth unless you count specific books and music. I want to continue to deny everything, to let go of anger, and Heaven isn’t too far away, is it?

Was that joke dark or messy? It’s Messy B Leaving

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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