Gospel 260 ~B For The WIND~

What’s wrong with a garden in Tennessee? What about back in the old neighborhood. Why not at my Olds house or in the backyard here, where he would play. I’ve thought they could put ashes in a tattoo. I didn’t let a “tornado” get my B. B For The Wind.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Gospel 260 ~B For The WIND~

Just Me Baby B,
Did you have a good day? I still don’t know about me, but it wasn’t “Another Day.” I’m not thinking that.

When will it be something more… I don’t know; a day when I’ll actually mind dying. I swear that I would have kept sitting there working if it wasn’t for you, Braxton, yesterday. Yet, I could have been looking for an excuse to stop. You were good for that, a distraction. When I woke up this morning, hell on many a morning like this, I would tell myself, you were sleeping. I have an off day. I’ll let you decide when you want to get up for a walk. Of course, I never rested on those morals when it was something I wanted, did I?

When you were in danger though… brother to brother, yours in life and death, my “First Knight,” well you saw.

Windy day huh? An understatement for a tornado, but I didn’t see anything; I’m fine. You are always so worried for me, B III. I got up, thinking if the town blew away, “Where’d You Go?” I can’t have you leaving me again Braxton, I’m not doing that great lately. Windy days for you too, I suppose. I imagine what Heaven, The Rainbow Bridge, wherever is like. Not a day passes by that I don’t see myself standing with the vets. They told me about you blowing through a garden in Tennessee with your brethren.

No, I needed you home with me B. Wind, be it a tornado, hurricane, air conditioning… my wayward writing geez.

You don’t know how bad I want to touch your fur, but I need that reminder, if but a piece.

Win B III, you won. As the storm came, I grabbed three things. The one that showed I gave a damn about my life now was you. I actually moved “you” from the nightstand. As of all things on Earth, I could take with me. I wanted you by my side, B always and forever. Winning also was, God knows, how many bytes with my laptop and the bucks in my wallet. I got my stimulus check, and if we were together, I would spoil you rotten. Oh, like how I spent the last stimulus? I’m not angry with you, Braxton. It’s only the memories. Damn the windfall, if I could be with you again. Winning isn’t something I’m doing. It’s B For The WIND.

Always and Forever,
Your Dad

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