Gospel 261 ~B For We Roll~

Braxton never called shotgun. He was never far enough away that he couldn’t find his way home. My sister may have hooked him on Disney television-wise, but he seemed to like my Spotify playlist as he stood on the seat the whole time. “B For We Roll.”

Friday, March 19, 2021

Gospel 261 ~B For We Roll~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so as the song goes, “here in my car, I feel safest of all.” B doesn’t.

The first time I took him for a drive was on Thanksgiving some years back. B III never liked car rides, or at least this was the start because I had to leave him. Of course, this was back when we had weather, so it was cool, no need to smash windows. He wasn’t happy. Ever since that day, he wouldn’t relax, one more reason he couldn’t go out of town with me. My lead foot was all sorts of screwy, and I can only imagine him trying to stand for 12 hours. I had to stop for gas, snacks, and there was the wedding too; he’d be alone some. Other than that, there were park trips, PetSmart reasons, and last, there was the vet.

The last one I can never forget. I say it time and time again, Braxton IS strong. We thrive on routine, and if he lays down, what would that be saying? No, not my son, Braxton continued to stand. He could barely walk, so I carried him, but he wouldn’t rest in the car ever.

“If you can’t run, you crawl. If you can’t crawl– you find someone to carry you.”
― from Firefly (2002)

That probably wasn’t a good quote to use from “that man.” Martin Luther King Jr said it first, I believe. Anyway, I’m a broken record always talking about Braxton’s eyes. He saw his things in the car. Why did I bring them? His bed, my hoodie, his toy, big pillow. Sophia, do you think if he had known, he would have rushed back to the car? One long walk, dammit!!!

I walked in with my son on January 31, 2021, and walked out with him on February 10, 2021. If he wasn’t scared, he was angry at the car rides before. No more drive-thru crew to bark at; I never took him to Starbucks for a Puppachino. He didn’t get to pick out his toys. Yeah, our PetSmart trips were about his meds or going to the groomers. I told the story of rushing between vets because of his paw. We didn’t go to Christmas Brunch with my Olds because they didn’t want him there. I wouldn’t go without him.

I’ll walk, or I see so many nowadays I can damn sure learn to fly.

Highway to Hell, Stairway to Heaven. B For We Roll.

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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