Lesson 133 ~A Little Bit Taller~

Living my life is one tall order, so everything I seem to do always feels like a reach, a stretch and even then everything looks so much bigger and farther out. A Little Bit Taller and then maybe I can see what awaits me

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lesson 133 ~A Little Bit Taller~

Hey Lady Lu,
No Fear but no quit either, or so I’m hoping to finish strong but don’t my words always fall short and I mean that literally. Not yesterday though, it’s always something when I actually finish five thousand words and why not today?

What’s the difference between fear and worry, I don’t fear to go to work, hate it, loathe it, despise it, the list goes on but at the end of the day I’m going to go anyway. When I think about it I can’t even remember what goes on, not like when we were talking every day but that’s not why I wish I were taller. As if I need to see any more of that place as is, but as for my other pursuit, my writing the only thing that truly matters is my word count thus the hours I’ve been logging these few days.

So what are my reasons for wanting to be taller… a question that has plagued men since the beginning of time “does size matter” maybe I just want to look down on people, at least physically as everybody looks down on me regardless. Maybe I wouldn’t be so worried about everything from the neck down if my brain was farther away… you, of course, know the small head seems to take precedence over the big one, sad but true. It could be that I just hate talking to people, again that’s my anxiety talking maybe but it’s as if a bunch of gnats or something is constantly buzzing over my ears and to smack them…

Considering my personal beliefs I’ve been talking about God a lot in my novel and if anything perhaps I just wish I could hear him better if he is even up there. How about I’m dreaming of escape, I’m in need of a wish, I want to know I’m growing instead of shrinking, like from the general manager a day or so ago, which sucked.

Who is it that decided that some must be brought low so that others may rain on high, I’m more for when “The Police” sang about your servant is your master, but thank goodness Braxton doesn’t have any fingers. So what have we learned today, that whatever you reach for needs to matter or maybe I’m just trying to see the future, so to be just A Little Bit Taller?

I Will Have No Fear

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