Lesson 349 ~There Are Better Stories~

Everybody has a story but how many stories are people telling, how many of those stories are being believed, how many of those stories are living and breathing, though to live one of my stories; I know I’ll do better. “There Are Better Stories.”

Friday, June 15, 2018

Lesson 349 ~There Are Better Stories~

Hey Lady Sophia,
Can You Love Me Again, once I tell you that I can write better stories, I believe I can, I know I can and excuse me if I sound like “Mr. Motivation” here, but there is always another way to hear stories of another’s success. You heard me right Lady Sophia, stories, not that I’m getting into audiobooks, remember “The Scarlet Letter” if you could stay awake for that one you passed the test but never again.

“Sleep is the new broke.” ― Eric Thomas, on sleep

You know how I feel about sleep, every night I tell myself stories to help me sleep, I don’t remember being the little kid with a teddy bear and a parent to regale me with fairytales while I lie in bed. Is that why it’s taken me so long to get out of bed because I’m always waiting and a part of me thinks I need to give people something to read, but not my parents, and don’t think I’m becoming bitter again, remember when I first joined up with TIBU? It would be easy to become upset with “Indiana Gone,” “Okay,” Cherry,” “M Anime” but the bitch, of course, made me feel “sorry” about my words, hell I don’t share my favorite book with anybody because I need it.

“In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” ― Tony Montana Scarface (1983)

Now I could tell you I want to write to make money, whatever that sounds like to you but another reason I need to write is so I can sleep, I have more than enough stories to put me to bed, I want a story to keep me awake. Last fiction I read… okay watched like that was “Detroit: Become Human.” Am I ever going to let that go,? One day maybe but it’s not my favorite. There are better, any story that’s not in my head for starters. Stories that I see on my laptop screen, better are stories I see on print, stories that I see in green, that only require my signature, or I take to bed because everybody has a tale.

Mine come harder because as they say a picture is worth a thousand words and yes I continue to hate that concept but to get to that point I have to write the words for now and then I can sleep. How’s that for motivation, I’ve been listening to so many speeches and these men work so they can live a life they dream about honestly maybe that should be me too, but I would do damn near anything for some time to sleep peacefully.

The strange thing about this is my stories don’t put me to sleep, not while I’m writing them at least. Still, There Are Better Stories.

I Will Have No Fear

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