Log 145 ~Will’s A Pinprick Away~

So close, almost there, I can see the goal, tonight’s end and I’m 48,300 words in, a mere 1,700 away from the target and there you have it, I will have completed yet one more NaNoWriMo but these hands, whatever am I doing. Will’s A Pinprick Away

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Log 145 ~Will’s A Pinprick Away~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I hope someone out there still likes me in some way. You know I’ve been so caught up with writing I haven’t worried much about losing another friend. No one important, which is a harsh way to put that, but I’m always a second away from being this guy. I still haven’t caught up with M Anime and Cherry; of course, well, I talk to her like I once spoke to Indiana Gone. The married lady is beginning her new life, so I don’t fault her for not being around.

The life of an artist can be a lonely road, you know. Everything in my existence usually revolves around one particular subject. Let’s say I won’t be holding hands anytime soon with these hands. No disrespect to Bruce Springsteen’s “My City’s In Ruins,” but the last thing I’m doing is praying. Well, unless where my little dæmon is concerned. My hands at this time are mainly for two things, the Day Job and my writing. If anything the Day Job destroys a lot more than my hands, with books, there’s only exhaustion but also pride. One of my motivations says, follow your heart; your brain is STUPID. I have other thoughts on the concept, but I’m not at liberty to share them. Did I even put up yesterday’s conversation? Another drunken night of sleeplessness, yep.

If I’m not going to sleep at a decent hour, I might as well be doing something productive, like checking on my friends. In a way, though, I feel sort of like Scar about to be consumed by the hyenas. You know him saying they were the enemy right, and how many other exciting E words could I come up with Lady Lu? Now I have to conjure up some sweet title for my next chapter. It’s why I had to stop writing the novel for a little bit. There are two chapters left, only 5000 words, and I’m looking at another NaNoWriMo win. Still, the pride is somewhat replaced with meanness because what comes after, right? Okay, so the title of the next bit of writing will be Organs Short Of An Orgy. So yeah, I won’t be posting this one for most of the public. The “Wrist” Of Playing Chrono is still sex free mind you Lady Lu.

Madness, Will’s A Pinprick Away

I Will Have No Fear

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