Episode 023 ~Warmth, Who Is It~

From blanket to babe, then again neither one of them comes when called, and you can get heated blankets, I wonder if any woman had the hots for me to be sure but as the song goes, I don’t ask for much these days. Warmth, Who Is It

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Episode 023 ~Warmth, Who Is It~

Dear Future Wife,
Give Me One Reason to stay warm, and the simplest would be Baby, It’s Cold Outside and how can that be, it’s not Christmas in July, people usually burn me, and I’ll make sure we’re someplace it’s always warm, I’m not one for Winter or that other season. *Shudders* yet when I gave you my hoody did I have any reason to believe I would never see it again, well I do all the time on you so knowing you’re warm and how hot it makes you look and it’s not like you don’t share it, I feel it when we’re together.

That thought alone warms me, you know they say it takes more muscles to frown than to smile so maybe that’s why I need to do it more often, to feel that burn, the blush on my face though no one ever sees mine, you do it for the both of us. Speaking of things I do for the both of us, I Want To Hold Your Hand you know I’m not one for gloves, and you’ll do pretty much anything to keep me from changing my playlist on the phone. You become my sunshine on my darkest days, yes I know the words My Girl but making you mad at me might be a little too hot if there is ever such a thing.

Of course, you’ve had my cooking, and I’m always looking for the right spice, the secret is ghost pepper sauce, and I’m also trying not to burn the house down while I’m at it of course. So maybe we should stay in bed, some memories, traditions, the Fire And Desire, though I’m still one for Nuclear Pop around the late 30’s to the 50’s and if we’re not listening to music we can lie here and read my latest novel, all about fire. Still, if life insists that I get up, the hottest shower, the cuddliest pup (apologies to my dog) the best cup of hot chocolate, or best alcohol as if I know, doesn’t have anything on your warmth.

Like Linus and his security blanket I grew up and There Goes My Baby, as constant as the sun, so maybe you’ll forgive me for being so thirsty for you and wanting to give you the world. They ask War, what is it good for and you know the answer honestly, absolutely nothing but you my love are everything and the purest definition I know for Warmth, Who Is It.

I Will Have No Fear

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