Episode 199 ~Willing To Be Footloose~

Big confessions of 2019 and I said it before but what a way to start the year; B III and I are making it though, and if only everyone knew forgiveness as he does, yeah three shots would leave anyone PO’ed what about nine? Willing To Be Footloose

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Episode 199 ~Willing To Be Footloose~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, not by hurting the innocent; you know I wrote down 365 Rules for my life, and without a doubt, I’m making more, you don’t propose at weddings, share other people’s personal lives, leave those blameless as painless, show goes on.

So my first sin Inspector Echo; I don’t like people; I think we are long overdue a plague of some sort but that being out there, life sucks enough for me not to fuck it up for others (Language) so silly me wanting to integrate myself to the masses and in so doing losing music. Monday I took over the speaker at work, keep in mind, one guy has run it for months, but I put on my playlist and come Tuesday, we are no longer allowed to listen with it… am I taking it too personally like always, perhaps?

My second sin, of course, comes from the guilt I feel, the shame, and everybody knows this is my fault, it has to be, I haven’t felt like this since I wrote a bit of poetry to a girl and a line from Twilight which nearly got me fired. Maybe I am growing some, remember when I got a ticket and was ready to kill myself before my father got to and if I lost my job… next sin, I’m not dead, but I believe in The Walking Dead, not only the show Inspector Echo.

I’m nearly ready to become a prepper for zombies, my friends know me so well, and that’s my fourth sin, I LIED to them about certain things, and I don’t lie unless my life is on the line and in this instance, it wasn’t, merely my pride. Doesn’t explain my fifth sin, to my best friend, my son, how his father can spend more on a woman than on his well-being, “B III” has gone to the vet twice and I spent more to see some tits (Watch Your Language).

Now we have my sixth sin, right out of the book 1984 you know the concept of “Doublethink” how I can consider a woman both a Madonna and the Whore in the same moment. Sin Seven is you pay a whore, and at least Braxton isn’t alone in my wasteful spending because I won’t buy new boots for myself, I can but I won’t because I’m Scrooge and so I listened to two co-workers laughing at me, so for eight I have begun tuning out the world even more so.

Nine and I have so much more to say, but this is only a symptom of a bigger problem, I’m Wasting Time, sleeping, playing The Walking Dead, sipping a cappuccino, and now I’m Run Boy Run these days, forgive me Inspector Echo; Willing To Be Footloose.

I Will Have No Fear

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