Episode 206 ~All Greek To Will~

Too many talking heads, too many voices, and so many versions of what happened today, not that I’m giving a detailed explanation because I would speak more gibberish and hell this isn’t Dirty Diana’s day but not mine either, “All Greek To Will.”

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Episode 206 ~All Greek To Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, work for somebody else and eventually they’ll get it, lie and make what you can or let someone play stupid, you know what they say about a fool and his money and my head has been everywhere from Jenna Foxx to the day job, and why not dream of Amandla Stenberg.

The story of my life Inspector Echo because I honestly don’t want to talk about the day I had at work, and of course I could tell about fear but why not be an ARGonaut or probably more Odysseus, being lost, facing great Scylla, or any hydra for that matter. Anyway I usually talk about my sins the first being I continue to go to the day job, and I don’t understand anything, and so if my fear is the heart of the monster, the heads are ANXIETY, REGRET, and GUILT. Anxiety is what I’m feeling the most of now, even alone in this room I know there are eyes on me, my manager watching me stumbling around like a zombie on the camera back at the store, my phone number spam central, one more Facebook friend down who probably said something like “Fuck That Guy” yes Inspector Echo, LANGUAGE.

My third sin is nursing regret, I swear I don’t want to be at the day job but who does and yet I will continue to feel regret for letting the manager down, what the Hell right, hating myself for not doing enough to hurt myself, like something out of Dogma. If that isn’t enough what about what I’m doing right now, more like who but I’m keeping it in my pants, but Odysseus lost six sailors, so six girls are making me lose control:

  1. College Princess Ava Exploited “ExCoGi”
  2. Jenna Foxx “My Sister’s Hot Friend” “I Don’t Believe You”
  3. Sabrina Nichole
  4. Melody Parker “Bipartisan Bonage
  5. The MILF Model
  6. Amandla Stenberg “The Darkest Minds”

Now comes the guilt, if I was talking about the day job, the fourth sin, I lied, I was stupid, and as always I wasted time, and you know next to overwhelming terror yes let’s give the monster so many heads, again Anxiety, Regret, Guilt, Stupidity, Time. My fifth sin is that I know so well I can do so much worse, I’m burning, hated, horny, and huffing and puffing with my rage at myself because if there are not more horrific sins, there is such glory to be found. Six is a combination of things, my six impossible things that aren’t getting done, how about what I think about those six women, I quote Shakespeare to one today and at the same time called her a whore (yes my dirty mouth) and these hands.

Not using my greatest weapons to save myself, hell I might as well drown be it tears, sweat, some other bodily fluid because I’m no hero, I don’t understand people or myself, and for that I’m sorry; this day and age All Greek To Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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