Episode 211 ~What Makes You Go Ahh~

Probably wasn’t a good idea to write this in bed but how I wish it was Thursday or maybe I want to warm myself up considering what the weather is reporting; hell I’ll feel awesome if everything does close down for a minute. What Makes You Go Ahh

Monday, January 21, 2019

Episode 211 ~What Makes You Go Ahh~

Sixty-Ninth Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, even with all my yawning, I should get to work, and so I have but of course, that was for somebody else, someone I have never met before; who else I haven’t met, the man who goes EUREKA, does EVIL, or shares his EROTICISMS.

If I’m going to sleep I should at least wake up with good ideas right, hell I’m still thinking about that dream I had a couple of weeks back and how they always relate to work, and I didn’t like how the General Manager was looking at me today. No not like that Madam Justice but you know how the idea of losing my job frightens me, though even when I lost my job as a “red shirt” I’m ashamed to admit it was more whimper and less bang because what else do we do in the face of horror? I never chose to become a writer, that was as natural as breathing but as for a million-dollar idea, well considering I’m still looking for that million dollars, for now, I’ll move on Madam Justice.

Keep moving wouldn’t you say, besides not having the brains, if only back then I was as into zombies as I am now… couldn’t say I ever thought about becoming a doctor but creating some wickedly devilish virus; there’s always a doctor in my novels. Maybe this counts as a eureka and evil thought, along with being a reason I’m a writer because words can be infectious and the mind is stronger than the body; getting into someone’s head, being the catalyst that drives anyone to do something is power.

It is an awesome feeling to know you are about to change someone’s life forever.
Tomorrow, When the War Began

These words Madam Justice, haven’t I said that all the erotic stories that I’ve read are products of women. There are the exceptions of “Begging For It” by Todd Michaels and also Sex Zombies by S Wolf and I’m sure there are others, but my point is the words, I’m a fan of one blog, not because of the pictures but the comments that come after. Now I’ve never been one for catcalling, and I’m sure it confuses women when I can call them divine one minute but have them saying “I’m your little whore” again thank you Exploited College Girls. Should I be praising Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Lawrence, indeed so many girls that I don’t know if they are brunettes or blondes, and again the things I would typically say in such a moment of ecstasy, but I’m strong.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm; I could use more of those or maybe not with my paranoia, pains, and of course penis because the stuff on my mind who, what, but when, comes usually is in bed or the shower. Those are the two places where I truly realize what I want out of life because at the day job it’s almost a constant chant of, “If I Had A Million Dollars” to live, What Makes You Go Ahh.

I Will Have No Fear

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