Episode 225 ~Someday Is Not A Measurement~

Someday is more than a song I played when I thought I was going back to juvenile detention or winding up in real trouble, and more than the idea of “Happy Thoughts” that should be in my reality. “Someday Is Not A Measurement”

Monday, February 11, 2019

Episode 225 ~Someday Is Not A Measurement~

Seventy-First Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, take it, and no I don’t mean stealing it though there are plenty of “legit” laws on the books to do such a thing, what I mean is I have the right to have a million dollars. You know before talking to you I had a ranting session in my “crazy” brain about the day job and what I didn’t do the last time I was there, which to quote Bob Marley & The Wailers “Get Up Stand Up.”

Now I’ve said for a few days that I do when it comes to the day job, there is no someday, I get up right when I need to, I fight to get there on time, there isn’t a someday I’ll get this right it’s I have to get this right. Someday I’ll be the boss… no, because I don’t want to be; I’ve heard about reigning in Hell, than serving Heaven but honestly I would choose death because there was no someday I’ll kill myself, sleeping pills, Nyquil painkillers, many aspirins. Someday we all die, no one day we all die maybe several times over because for every day that starts with Y we write in someday, and where is that on the calendar, the timestamp, ruler, hell how far is it from the bedroom to this table, to the dining room, to anywhere.

Forever and a day I could quote my MOTIVATIONS or give you another song like “Someday At Christmas” why Stevie, are we talking before, during, or after, how about when I dream of revenge against my father “In The Air Tonight” how old is he again? In 1984 Winston is told that victory against Big Brother in his lifetime is not possible, he will work, do what he can, be caught, confess, and cut from the pages of history, happiness indeed was not a possibility because what happens then. I don’t want to wait until someday to find out, but again we have fear. How will I feel when I get that PS4, perhaps that next day of work, if that mom I asked out says yes, it’s just a thing, mad as Hell, and she won’t, I know that.

Someday I won’t be happy because shouldn’t I be happy now or would I instead call myself out on my language when I curse; when I say someday, what I mean is never, maybe always means no, fear is choosing to be the victim. Madam Justice, I don’t want SOMEDAY, I wish today. I’ll play Detroit: Become Human because I have time, energy, happiness, ONE DAY I’ll tell every manager to fuck off because I don’t need their work, Wednesday or Thursday I’ll have dinner with a remarkable woman and watch a movie, I know Someday Is Not A Measurement.

I Will Have No Fear

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