Episode 226 ~Caesar Was Ambitious Will~

I think I was more like Brutus today because I completely butchered my feelings today but is it not ambitious to try once every week talking to the future wife, yeah that’s a job position nobody wants, Step Into My World. “Caesar Was Ambitious Will.”

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Episode 226 ~Caesar Was Ambitious Will~

Dear Future Wife,
How To Make One Million Dollars, maybe B III should have kids and though I agree with decreasing the surplus population as in spay and neutering “pets” I would never have that done to him and besides like father like son. We both aren’t ones to trust; you remember I would say, if you’re not my dog, my girl, or applying for the position don’t touch me and what anniversary is it again, just kidding but yes my love, you get the job, good night, good luck.

You see Caesar didn’t have anyone to cover him, but I have you, Caesar wanted the world, and you’re mine, and the Caesar salad… I think that is for Caesar Cardini actually, but you know I make a mean grilled chicken salad. One of many things I learned to make though I can’t say I have much range in the kitchen only the fact baby girl that I was willing to wish on every star in the night sky. Hold my breath until I found the right word, that I fell for you, Caesar was never so ambitious; he wanted the world, I wanted you. He landed at the feet of men, and how you love were lost in a graveyard; yeah pretty dark but how many men have wanted to win your heart and the fact is that Here And Now, I’m Still Standing.

Why… because of our little ones that want “Yoda” rides, or must my back remain strong to carry Triple B in his old age, hell I had to get stronger to bring you over the threshold, (I say that before Valentine’s Day, seriously gulp) maybe me and Caesar are more alike. Could it be that I wanted to wear a cape for once and be a superhero, you’re not in distress, you would be a great zombie apocalypse partner, or I can no longer deny that there is a Heaven when I lie down in bed and look In Your Eyes. The fact is I have chased everything under the sun because I wanted more for me, then for you, then for us and am I only now realizing I have it all right now.

You’ve Got It All over him, blood, sweat, and tears I’m sure and what’s that old saying, what doesn’t kill you… I’ve always found it funny that the first moments of love are like that, again falling, heart skips a beat, Take My Breath Away and all that. Caesar didn’t expect to die and still to be with you is Heaven; even if I conquered the world, you are mine, and the rest is yours, yet Caesar Was Ambitious Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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