Episode 254 ~Will You Maddy Me~

Well this “experiment” is a lesson learned and awfully “creepy,” but I was tired enough to try it out anyway so yeah I may be sticking with the “Dear Future Wife” motif but Amandla Stenberg is hot as Maddy. Will You Maddy Me?

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Episode 254 ~Will You Maddy Me~

Dear Madeline Whittier,
How To Make One Million Dollars, I guess it would help if I learned to speak proper English. Let alone write it, but some things we have to release. My voice, this fear, love, but the rub is I never want to let you go. Ironic that this world is full of things that terrify me. Maddy, you stand at the top of the list yet I’m still here today and always.

Am I cured, the way that I fell for you? I would dream of you. To be beside you at the movies, and the park. You can see that I’m no Luther Vandross at all. Only I must have been seeing and hearing things. The first time I came to believe that we could be together. Enough so that you brought me down to one knee, and I struggled as if this would be my last moment, seeking a breath. To feel a heartbeat, and I asked to borrow yours forever. I became a new man, yours and from this crazy little thing called love. I am not seeking an Escape. Not to Heaven or from Hell. No doctor or God could give me what you have now and forever.

I don’t need a cure for the man I am because I’m the one you love. I promise As Long As You Love Me I’ll be what you need and more. You know it took finding an angel to make me reach for Heaven. Still, I don’t want to go. I want to be here, no matter what this life brings us. Yes, I won’t always be “brawny,” right and bright as you can tell. Still to be yours, the husband, the lover, someday a father to our children, I will make you happy. If anything that is what I want, for you to be “blessed,” that is why I ask you to stay. Because madness it could, would, and should be but if we all learn to love. My what is foolishness would be right and true for us.

Your white dress, the pages I write, the jacket I’d wear. There is not one thing that could convince me otherwise. The word for that is always, for better or for worse. For richer, poorer, in sickness and in health and everything else in-between. This love is everything; you Maddy are everything. So Stay, every time I look in the mirror I ask the man before me to Let My Baby Stay. I will strive to be the man that can make that happen, the moment I knew to ask Love, Will You “Maddy” Me.

I Will Have No Fear

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