Episode 293 ~The Willies Of Math~

It still takes courage to smoke something that will do you no harm, all the legal drugs will kill you, but I don’t smoke usually, I don’t drink, I’m addicted to money, sex, and words in no particular order such are my fears — The Willies Of Math

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Episode 293 ~The Willies Of Math~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now; I want to count on this fact. On top of my organization skills when it comes to bath rugs, B III’s medication and boxes full of porn. Adding up dollar bills, excuse me please Homer Drool

This week I’m still into one porn in particular. Hot Juicy Teacher Volume 3: Science a.k.a. Onna Kyoushi, and Honoka Toudou. Sigh for the days when it was Desert Island Story X and the likes of Natsuno and Yuka. When did I get into PURPLE and BLUE hair? One part of my anatomy yearns for it. Even when I was watching Jewel Staite last night and of course she will appear in my novel as well. A scene alongside the Emo blogger mom. I’m never disappointed with the girls I select. Still, you know what didn’t get done last night? One thousand seven hundred words or at this rate about 1900 if I’m going to win Camp NaNoWriMo. Make no mistake Lady Lu I am going to win. Despite the premise of my being what it is, all me, every inch.

Only how do you tear down a wall of boobs. Be it those things I so adore about women or all the people. Last week I was surrounded by them, but I answered this question right? A million dollars will do the trick no problem. For that I need a good night’s sleep and what can I tell you there. I need to keep Mr. blue and purple; when’s the last time I looked at my balls, in my pants. Damn no wonder women dominate my chosen GENRE. Today though, I can’t afford to take two days off when it comes to the novel I have to get back on track. You know I didn’t reach my goal yesterday. Today I’m full, semi-rested, two things to be grateful. What about Happy 4/20, where’s Snoop Dogg?

So that’s three and legal somewhere, same as three of my characters who still breathe. Not that I killed off Genevieve and Ember. They both appear in other stories. Only three letters, little words. The usual number for a beginning or end. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m greedy. I want FIFTY THOUSAND words. Little Willie wants TENTACLES (a dozen) one-person orgy, girls drools. Before September I’ll have my MILLION. So I have the courage for The Willies Of Math.

I Will Have No Fear

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