Episode 342 ~Will Is Turning Japanese~

You want to put a price on human life, for a night over a thousand dollars, for a piece of my soul $22.00 and change and I would only get $3.00 back, but math has never been my strong suit and no offense to Asian culture but; Will Is Turning Japanese

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Episode 342 ~Will Is Turning Japanese~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now and not a racist Republican. My apologies I didn’t mean to turn political so soon. Now I’m not blaming The Handmaid’s Tale, the news, or the publisher. Writing is supposed to be hard, and I mean getting published, ask me why?

Forrest Gump was not a smart man, and neither am I, but I know what love is My Lady. More so I know what lust is and I’ll be damned (Language) I was willing to pay more for that. I offered a woman once such and such amount to be with her for one night. She said no, of course, that didn’t shake my faith that every woman does have a price. To publish my book, paperback and a Kindle edition will be $1,212 for the record. I was ready to pay more for breasts than the potential of owning my “Love Hotel” someday. What a fool believes, thank you Tony Baker for that earworm. Speaking of worms, tentacles; hell, I want so many women, but my book took form for one. I can’t say her name, legally speaking, she’ll feel I was stalking her.

Now that’s hard to take that a woman, some women would make me a monster. Not that I want to be a knight, maybe a samurai. No, without a doubt I want to be Grey Worm add having a penis. One more reason to wear armor, but how would I afford it? The pen is “stronger” than the sword, or so THEY say. I was telling “Indiana Gone” yesterday my metal is untested; I’m as unknown as Arthur once was. One of the reasons “Cherry” isn’t a friend on Facebook, trusting a Dominant is sacred.

I believe that as hard as it is to trust anybody these days. It’s harder still to have faith in myself as a part of me is always hard. I’m more willing to put my coin on a woman than myself. Even now it’s easier to buy into the works of Little Lupe, Jimmy Stephens, make a deal with MILF Dos. Should I mention my crimes like last night on Pinterest again? I made a board; it’s legit. I have so many, but I got scared and deleted it. The thought of how people see me, I’m an African American Male. No offense but with writing Will Is Turning Japanese.

I Will Have No Fear

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