Gospel 089 ~Guilt Is A Fine Poison~

There are things a lot worse than death. Okay, not many, but if I ever get busted, I hear Mexico is fine this time of the year, and if Trump gets reelected. At least I take the blame, but the question is, what have you got, hm? Guilt Is A Fine Poison

Monday, September 28, 2020

Gospel 089 ~Guilt Is A Fine Poison~

Hundred And Fifty-Fifth Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I either have or as the song goes. “There have been times I find myself thinking of committing some dreadful crime.” Oh, the secrets untold in the universe, should I acquire such wealth. I tell you, Madam Justice, I need to get some black heroes one of these days. Anyway, as one white man said, if he won the lottery, it would be a bunch of hookers and cocaine. How about the concept of Disregard Females, Acquire Currency? That explains why I’m not napping. Guilt?

Hell, if we were talking only today, sigh, I woke up at 2:30 AM to write or read. Um, well, you know what I did. I went right back to sleep until I got up for the Day Job. It’s funny. I never find guilt in going to Hell but only along the path of paradise, which is my writing. While there, of course, everybody looks at me like I’m STUPID (shudders). Even with all the RAGE coursing through me, it’s as if I’m not working hard enough, ever. I’m mad that I was a minute late, but you know how it is. ANXIETY. One more reason I’m awake now. What about the fact that I sort of had to blow M. Anime off? I was working, but she’s one of my few remaining friends. I expect soon MILF Dos will find the loophole and block me. I’m not stalking her, but that right there makes me guilty. Damn Instagram!

In one way, I’m like Akon singing out, “You can put the blame on me.” As always, I never want to Hurt Somebody. I fuck up with women, a lot and I can pretty much suss out why; pardon my language. Still, I wish I could get them all in a room and have explanations. Probably less likely I could play Rag’ n’Bone Man. “I’m only human after all, Don’t put your blame on me.” Have you noticed I haven’t mentioned Pinterest lately, and even Whisper is starting to act funny? I’m a man Madam Justice, never hinted being any good. So you can hate me now or like when I look at my Dæmon. Sorry, but the streets too hot, it’s freezing or “Blame It On The Rain,” yeah.

Yeah, GUILT doesn’t kill me. It keeps me from Hell. Guilt Is A Fine Poison.

I Will Have No Fear

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