Happily… Ever… Whatever

So what’s stopping me… a few “fetishes”, a need for the intimacy, all of womankind, who knows really; okay so I could be a better person I suppose. “Happily… Ever… Whatever” that would be too much especially for a “first” just the opportunity…

See Me Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi0cV2mNLr8

Oh God was it ever

The lace and the feathers
Not much for leather… are you?
And a thank you letter

Because it must be quite the effort
To love me like you do
Bu why can’t I remember

My love, return to sender
You and me… a dream or two, a few
Happily… ever… whatever

Something better than “I love you”… wish I could let her
Or the answer wasn’t never

Copyright © 2015 Second Circle Creations, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

Inspired By: Elly Tran Ha… Elly Kim Hong, Ellie Goulding “Love Me Like You Do” Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack, Sia “My Love”, Lifehouse “You and Me”, and Audien ft. Lady Antebellum “Something Better”

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