Lesson 164 ~Love This Election Year~

I’m no leader, well at least of a country, and while I have plans for world domination, what is one life but the world entire and to think my love is king a dream until I find her. “Love This Election Year,” in what galaxy far, far, away is that hmm?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Lesson 164 ~Love This Election Year~

Dear Future Wife,
No Fear, no fear, if we took a poll whether I would ever find you, if we belong together, that you would say yes well there is only one word for here and now… Hope. In what place but your heart could I win, in what world but the one we have made together. In what galaxy far, far, away could one man, one woman, say yes and that be a lifetime commitment, an appointment, duty, honor, privilege, reason, my wife, your husband, friends, lovers, greatest fan.

The greatest fan of your life as the song goes, and “Your Love Is King” you sing, “Angel” I would call you, and “How Long Will I Love You” because there is no term limit when it comes to us. A Whole New World we could see together and yet every day I feared to go the distance because it is one thing to be a president, a king, to be just a man, but whatever I am, was, or hope to be I just want to be yours. I still remember how I must have looked, what crimes I must have committed, and the people. Can you believe it, I wouldn’t bet on that, she said yes, and et all was quiet and still until I heard it from your sweet lips, saw it in your eyes, and felt it in your dear touch.

Sometimes I think it doesn’t even matter anymore what becomes of the city, state, country or even the world because I know where I wish to stay, free and at the same time hopelessly devoted. How lucky am I that you chose to love me, that you let me love you, that all the stars we can see aren’t enough, that every time I’m with you I feel like I’m blasting off to some distant planet. One that needs two suns because it is not lucky enough to have the light which is you. Cities bathed in color in an attempt to match your beauty, which is captured in my eyes every single day love.

So let the world end, or maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see how Star Wars ends at some point, and this love will still be the best thing I never voted for but chose. I don’t need to be anything more than your man and while you’re “Perfect” and you might spend forever trying to convince me why I still thank you for choosing me, Love This Election Year.

I Will Have No Fear

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