Lesson 224 ~Write Me A Letter~

No, I’m not playing my cheerleader, and this isn’t a spelling bee, now if you have some of that Love Potion No. 9, I would probably use it to drown myself with it, at least it would keep me from talking. “Write Me A Letter,” leave it on the grave ha.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Lesson 224 ~Write Me A Letter~

“There are only 20 letters in the alphabet”.

“No, there are 26!”

“Oh, I forgot U R A Q T.”

“You forgot one letter.”

“I’ll give you the D later.”

Hey Lady Lu,
I Am Not Afraid Anymore so deliver me a D, loan me an L, and vote me to a V, what does that spell, nothing at all, I’ve never been a spelling bee champion, just ask Google, and how I’m trying to define so much these days.

Defeat not being one of them; yes Lady Lu this is one of those days and not just because of the rain, I could have used a day like this yesterday, Mr. Blue Sky and a Sunshine Day, and I spent the majority of it in bed. Depression is a hell of a drug, and it’s a disease this thing called love as I heard once, breaking my own heart, so is today about getting over myself maybe, getting off my back and giving my hands something else to do and not behaving like, well you know. Dick, a Willie, just another Wiener and there will be plenty of those next week to be seen, but I’ll be keeping mine in my pants though there is a girl here or there that wish I wouldn’t.

Lonely is something I shouldn’t be if I were a better man or at least a less shallow one, I was looking forward to a striptease, but no I’ll be getting ready for the big day. It’s my dog’s birthday; he’s turning 13, which is 68 according to Pedigree. Loser for a best friend he honestly deserves better, though everybody else seems quite content, losers don’t fight back, losers exist for the joy of others, and as the song goes, “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?” Love am I right, no matter where it comes from it’s always destroying me or maybe I give too much and get too little, and that makes me sound like a selfish douche I know…

“Soy un perdedor
I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?” Loser, Beck

Voicing such feelings isn’t allowed anymore is it, am I still harping on about work, about lies, about not being heard, yeah I hate listening to it as well, but I can’t help but question what I want more. Valentine’s Day, remember, lust, love, and please don’t say like, I think I’ve had more than I can stand of that word being in the general manager’s office a few days ago, I sounded like such an idiot, and no I didn’t win. Victory ha, a term as unfamiliar to me as my name these days.

What have we learned today other than the fact that I’m burning out on creativity and I should buy a dictionary if I’m so out of touch; from Heaven or Hell, from the hotel rooms, the happy homes, the places I might never see could you Write Me A Letter.

I Will Have No Fear

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