Log 047 ~Will And Another Day~

It’s not perfect, and never happy; I lost track of what’s normal a long time ago, but at least I’m not sitting in bed having this conversation, I got out of my room, sitting at the dining room dreaming of better. “Will And Another Day”

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Log 047 ~Will And Another Day~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now and still can’t tell how I feel. Didn’t I say a couple of days ago that, money is presence? One more reason that I’m not Trump; I have higher aspirations. Morals, a mother, a lot more money. So what am I doing to live up to such standards? The Day Job is always another day. Hell Lady Lu at least I’m not grunting most of the time. Going to work leaves me braindead and does that beat being horny as always.

It’s been a day and some change. I know you think I’m a pervert but here’s a list of temptation. I saw Nour from “Bury me, my Love” in her underwear; boobs, I swear. Jada Jinxx is offering her collection of videos for $20.00. Haley Pullos, liked I quoted that song “Sunflower.” I’ve seen Riley Reid dressed as a schoolgirl. Oh, and I’m still fiddling with that pornographic coin I bought. Come on, Lady Lu even Think And Grow Rich speaks about sexual influences if used the right way. Again I could list all my heroes that used such passions. Everything I do is on the premise of getting girls out of their clothes without paying a dime. Something better, getting others to pay me to see them. Books, Brothels, booking modeling sessions of course.

Any day that I’m not living such a dream is ANOTHER DAY. When I was at the Day Job, I was looking for a way to be brave. Again I quote this song, “so don’t be brave, have a little common sense.” What about “if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make cents.” Somebody else said, “chasing hoes don’t get you paid.” I want to be the third little piggy if you know what I mean “The ROC “Just Fire.” Music is a blessing, Lady Lu, but I didn’t stay in bed as usual. It isn’t a blessing knowing or being scared of what’s going to happen next. Glass half full or half empty, if anything there is only the glass. At least today, I have choices if my body holds up. Again the Day Job is work, humiliation, sleep, conversation, repeat; what about today?

I have a shot at three impossible things today. I could flip a coin. Wasn’t I looking for a way for “money” to turn me on? Will And Another Day

I Will Have No Fear

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