Log 078 ~Will Be High Later~

Last week I talked about not getting drunk, but I knew a drug dealer here or there that kept me high if I wasn’t off flying to some beautiful angel walking down the hall; I swear Love is a hell of a drug. Will Be High Later.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Log 078 ~Will Be High Later~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but I don’t do “those” drugs. Remind me to give the kids the don’t do drugs speech. Anyway from being lit to getting high; aren’t those synonyms? Okay, not the point I’m trying to make today. My love, an upper to me, is being able to look into your eyes. It’s looking at what I’m trying to build without being afraid. I’m the man that you can gaze at without any shame. I want the children to see me on career day and be proud to say, everyone that’s my father.

Can’t say though I’ll be invited to those if teachers know what I do in life. Hell, you know what I do and how it makes me feel so alive. It’s higher than any faith, but you are “My Goddess.” I Believe In A Thing Called Love as the song goes. Okay, I’m turning the music down. You know I get high when I’m carrying my firstborn around or any of the kids. Still, I remember the days I had to lift him when anything threatening came around. Now that’s when I became the big man, the father, the warrior, and who would want to let that go. Power in the hands of someone else and of course you know where I can go with that my love. I wonder did I run faster, running away from you or trying to reach you. Talk about Walking Tall; yeah I can do movies too baby girl.

My point is I can think of a lot of reasons to raise my head. There are things that I want to see in this life. Yes, my love a reason to get high. I want to be a better man, and yes, I should do that for myself, of course. You know that quote about knowing strength when there is no other choice. I got high again when I had to protect my boy on walks. Every day I stand whether I’m facing the camera or behind it, and I know what I have to do no doubt. I still remember when I stood right next to you on that day, we became a family. The highest I’ve ever been, down the road I’ve ever been down is when I took a step towards you and the future. Yes Love, Will Be High Later.

I Will Have No Fear

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