Log 364 ~A Definition Of Hell, Repetition~

As the song goes, Every day is exactly the same, and if it works for the damned, denounced, and the dead, who am I to disagree? It’s life, it’s the Day Job, the disease, the dystopia which is plenty more fun in books. A Definition Of Hell, Repetition

Monday, June 29, 2020

Log 364 ~A Definition Of Hell, Repetition~

Hundred And Forty-Third Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but can one ever get bored with money? I see dollars, like I see “Dirty Pillows,” as I see dreams. Before I woke up this afternoon, it was my grandmother holding Baby Yoda or a Gremlin. Anyway, let me ask this question, where am I right now? Where was I Sunday morning, Saturday, how about tomorrow? You ask me why I am complaining while having a roof over my head and a bed. At least I woke up on time this afternoon. Today it was Final Fantasy VII Porn and Sex Dolls, yesterday it was more lunch.

Do you get why I say “Another Day” at the Day Job? If anything, that’s a compliment. Every time I walk in, well, congratulations, that’s the worst day of my life. I should finish reading “Too Late” and get back into my motivations. Another Day is me hoping for better. The world isn’t helping, though. I wish I could say something profound and inspirational, but what do we have. Racism at all corners, one more reason to stay inside. Can’t forget about Coronavirus (COVID-19) like other people. The President is in trouble as always. Now that brings me back to porn. The more I attempt to avoid it, the more it finds me, and yeah, at this point, I’m still on day one. I swear I’m going insane, but if I can get past the week. Yeah, I’m laughing too.

I should be thinking about getting past the month with Camp NaNoWriMo. So what will I be writing about for my next novel, can you guess? Brothels, Blood, and the Brotherhood or Fatherhood of a man and his Snoopy. Should I be thinking about the next woman, I’m going to piss off. One more week, and I still haven’t heard from MILF Dos or Cherry. How about if I finally get the courage to call Supercuts before the country goes back into lockdown. What about my boss who hasn’t said anything, so as the song goes, Why Should I Worry? Tonight though, will be more of the same, will it not? A TV Dinner and maybe a Hot Pocket? I’ll watch Snowpiercer because today is still Sunday, so I’m back to time travel. In the end, though, It Doesn’t Matter.

I’m running but not getting nowhere because of this rut? Nearly one more year down. A Definition Of Hell, Repetition

I Will Have No Fear