Episode 261 ~Add It Up, Will~

In love with love, no, how about a girl, as for now, still living that bachelor life, and becoming obsessed with Detroit: Become Human, Crave, and work is killing me; not even enough for a drug habit. “Add It Up, Will,” Love Is All You Need

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Episode 261 ~Add It Up, Will~

Dear Future Wife,
How To Make One Million Dollars, fall in love or didn’t you miss me? Was it a choice? I mean it should be right and dare I say romantic to say it out loud. Only everything points to the contrary. As the song goes, your Love Is My Drug; I like Kesha…

People use words and phrases like, you killed it, slay, and fierce. Then they wonder why some run from love. Now, this wouldn’t be the first time I said something that ticked you off quite considerably. I knew this mom once… anyway, when I saw you, I was downright petrified. Yesterday I talked about what Medusa did to men, turned them to stone. Makes sense that my heart would skip a beat, that I couldn’t catch my breath. Also, my feet were solid concrete slippers. Almost a moment after though I was like a zombie waking up and what was I willing to do to stay alive. When we take our first breath, it’s not a choice. Everything we are makes this demand, sometimes more, others less but need it.

How many songs, movies, and books preach that love is all we need. Speaking of novels, I’ve told you before I want to love you like one. I want to fill our home with you. I can’t go a second, my watch ticking down to when I’m with you again. Like this morning if you weren’t here. Of course, I would be cursing my clock for waking me up from my dreams of you. My hands would be Jonesing for my Kindle, a pencil, my keyboard to speak to you. I can hear the words Toxic, Poison, maybe even Fever. Would it be better as I say often enough, it’s a disease this thing called love. Hell, it’s damn near a crime unless you’re like one of these “Alpha Males” I read sometimes. Should I be asking for a billion?

No, you would be the Padmé Amidala to my Anakin Skywalker. Only you joined me in front of “God” and some others, and you scare them too, My Love. I wonder did you look me up. Did you want to know all about me? Then again I’m an open book, and you walked in and became my heroine, my muse and love. I want to give you such a life as you gave me. Is that why I was so slow finding you, being this Walker, a Whisperer, and an avid TV/Movie Watcher. The addictions that I gave up and those we indulge in together. I have no more bad headaches from 5-hour ENERGY. My anger fled when I walked out of my day job and was able to begin writing full time. To be with you and our children, and I have never seen anything more beautiful. So yes you are my addiction, infatuation, obsession, I Crave you and what does it cost me… so Add It Up, Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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