Episode 300 ~Last Left My Willie~

There is a reason I’ll never give up “Adult Entertainment” I do want to make it my life’s work anymore from Hugh Hefner, to Larry Flynt, Dennis Hof, to a dubious photographer; books are only the beginning when I finish my latest. Last Left My Willie.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Episode 300 ~Last Left My Willie~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, so finishing this last chapter should be no big thing though. I remember Dr. Strange, and how many endings he saw and I have to pick out the one that results in my victory? Once again, My Lady, it’s been my turn to win but if you don’t want any spoilers?

No, I’m not talking about Avengers: Endgame though plenty of people are ruining that for others as is. It’s so unfair but what about my unnamed novel. For once Lady Lu I hope that no one is reading this and I’m looking forward to having a break myself. I also know that this is more Lady Sophia’s wheelhouse, but this is a job that must get done. Besides sleeping what else has gotten done this Saturday? You know if I applied myself, go all balls to the wall with it I could finish right now. So how does it end; right now, an explosion and the two leads take on their roles in completed novels. Albeit both will have a touch of amnesia to show for it without any doubt.

Now’s not the time to be slacking off though and after two thousand words this morning? No not an excuse only the truth about my fiction and that’s procrastination and a fight not to FAP. What, I need plenty of models for the finale. Again something I should be discussing with Inspector Echo. I’m still clean despite shelling out for BrainBuddy. How many exercises have I missed working on ending my story? Not that I hate it by any means, for I have prevailed. To be fair though I have a major case of blue balls looking for girls to have in the final orgy. Only if you must insist:

Dillion Harper “Track Star” Liz Vicious Maisie Williams
Rihanna Samuel “Maid” Mia Rose Sophie Turner
Okay Ruby Rae Alycia Debnam-Carey
MILF Dos Alice Little Eileen Kelly
Little Lupe Abbey Rain Elizabeth Rage

Katy Perry Blondelil19yo Cassandra
Angie Varona Lexi Ainsworth Sophitia
Sofia Kasuli Back Alley Hooker Airi Akitsuki
Amber Hahn Sabrina Nichole Dolly Little
Carrie Cummings Court Carmody Hazel Ricotta

No insult or order The End, Last Left My Willie

I Will Have No Fear

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