Gospel 006 ~Look Ma, No Wills~

And this ladies and gentlemen will explain why I create playlists and listen to audiobooks on a road trip. Because you don’t want to be stuck listening to me, but better yet, can we stay home? Look Ma, No Wills

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Gospel 006 ~Look Ma, No Wills~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but how do I keep it together from one dollar to the next? In my businesses for once, I’m running towards and not away from. Yet with so much beauty in the world, you take my breath away. My Love how I wish I could come up with something like the song or the movie line, “You Make Me Better,” or “As Good As It Gets.” For now, though, all I want to do is shut-up. We both know the next words out of my mouth will be more songs and films. Also, the things I want to say to you is as always pretty confusing.

It’s like riding a unicycle. Hell, I would prefer that to a walk on eggshells or broken glass. My life has been spent trying not to say the wrong thing. Along with that, I get bombarded by people asking me or telling me I have to speak. Next thing you know, I’m BELITTLED, BLOCKED, or behind BARS. The things I say in our bedroom at times, what must you think of me, baby girl? I’m sure it was worse when we first met. Which should I be more ashamed of, hmm? I never learned how to ride my bike, and yet I wanted to be one of the Biker Boyz. How about the fact that I didn’t know the first thing about talking to you? Somehow I learned. Better men have sung, I’ll Do It For You and if you ever did want that motorcycle-riding bad boy, well My Love.

I would be glad to be the man who can fix a flat tire for you for now. To have such big dreams and it’s the simple things like breathing that I find so difficult. It’s being the focus of anyone. That’s what you are to me, and here’s another song, “you are my fire, the one desire.” You married me, gave me a family, and a home, and I dare to ask even more. To listen, to hear, to understand. Well, I know I don’t make that easy baby doll. I keep on rolling along, not knowing if we’re lost, how fast I’m going, what’s going to make me stop. When I stop talking, though, what do I expect, will you know me any better. How I hope every day; Look Ma, No Wills.

I Will Have No Fear

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