Gospel 265 ~Hair of the Braxton~

I was never much of a drinker. No, I wasn’t one of the “Cool Kids.” It wasn’t that I was trying to be good. But for whoever I share my life with, I want to be. For fifteen years, eleven months, that was Braxton. Without that love? Hair of the Braxton

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Gospel 265 ~Hair of the Braxton~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but not even that is enough to bring Braxton back to me. Well, there’s Braxton fur…

You know I don’t drink My Love and alcohol won’t help anything. I did say I don’t indulge, but you can ask my second BFF and one glass of wine. Yet, at this rate, saying I was drinking in excess might be better than drowning myself in tears “One More Night.” Yeah, what’s one more sad song? It wouldn’t matter if I was working the ole Day Job or my dream job. “Every Day Is Exactly The Same.” What an insult that is to my boy? My apathy is what led to his death because he was always there. I was whatever, but B? Baby girl, I focused on things that didn’t matter. So Braxton, who I love, paid for my ennui with his life.

Now I’m doing it again. Yes, I see that now, and the thing is, I don’t give a damn. Braxton’s Life Matters, and if I had treated him as such before, he might still be here. Only no, he has the food in his bowl, he has his water, so he cries for one night; by morning, B’s just fine. I’ve been losing myself to the madness of this world. I lost my boy, my firstborn. Now it’s the background noise. Do you know what caught my ear in that ruckus? Is Hank a Good Father? Hank Hill from King of the Hill, so I demanded an answer from myself. “What Makes A Good Man?” How about your husband and the daddy of our kids?

The best lover and friend, the best daddy I can, as Will Smith put it. Without a doubt, I don’t want to be my father. How dare I right with everything? I don’t want our kids to hate me. If a child wakes up believing the whole world is against him and his father too? That’s something good I’ll remember about Braxton’s eyes. In his final hours, suffering, and dying he saw me, and I could hear him saying. “Daddy, can we go home. Daddy, I want to stay with you.” I look at you and my family now, and you don’t feel that way?

Drunk on you, on love, for now, I’m sober. I need love; I know that. Some Hair of the Braxton

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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