Gospel 314 ~100 Days Before Braxton…~

It’s been 100 days, and I live in one being January 31, 2021. The worst day of my life; how dare I. “B III” didn’t live to see the end of it dying 4:00 PM (approximately). But who I was on Oct 23, Jan 31, and maybe on Aug 19. 100 Days Before Braxton.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Gospel 314 ~100 Days Before Braxton…~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I have been without my firstborn son, my Braxton, for 100 days. That’s 144,000 minutes.

The man I was before January 31st at approximately 4:00 PM (3: 46 PM when the bill was printed). That man has ceased to be. No, that man fucking died along with my child. Reading that bill only destroys me. It’s why I haven’t really looked at you, our family. Having become THIS or remained with 100 days, what would I be if I lost you, our kids, or anything else. I haven’t been, as Will Smith puts it, “being the best lover and friend. Am I being the best daddy I can?” 100 days My Love and I sing “I’m no prophet or messiah.” Yet here I am, no longer writing it but living:

Friday, October 23, 2020 (100 Days Before Braxton’s Rainbow Bridge)

“Does that mean I’m STUPID, that BORED? Would the ENDINGS be worth all of it? Even in my novel, I still mourn the deaths of a family. In the second, I grieve for a dead girl and an upcoming marriage. Despite everything, I always figured I wanted to be in love and be a family man. Only that wasn’t the story’s end in any form.” 114: Willing The Story’s End

From January 31st to now… I know we have been over it. For 72 days, I lived in Denial and still do. After, I gave into Anger. On day 86, I talked about a dream that went into Bargaining. I’ve been looking into that, but I haven’t for a second thought what I do now? How many times do I repeat myself? I’m not angry at Braxton or the vets. I hate myself, but I despise the Day Job so much more. I can and have given up parts of my “lifestyle.” B III isn’t coming back. If I publish tomorrow, he won’t walk in begging to be beside me. But he died on a Sunday, that Monday I worked. Then only to be threatened.

In 100 days, it will be August 19, 2021. I will still love you, hell I’ll love you more for staying with me. If I’m a daddy to our children. You know how I feel about parents who fail their kids. Now I’m one big fucking failure as I walked into B’s room today counting. Nothing will change with Bargaining, and I can only hope I’m mad as Hell. I’m not going through Depression. I have cried every day since Braxton’s passing. There were 2 days but talking to someone brought on my tears, and one night forgetting Braxton’s meds. Will I be a better man, a husband, a father, a friend, I don’t know? But there hasn’t been much love, 100 Days Before Braxton…

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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