Lesson 269 ~What’s In The Male~

Love is supposedly in everything, for everyone, or so people would have you believe and what I think is that such a word should have power, that they should feel you up, singing all you need is love. “What’s In The Male”

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Lesson 269 ~What’s In The Male~

Dear Future Wife:
I Am Not Fine Today, how can I be, when we first met I didn’t have the guts to talk to you and yet somehow here we are, and somehow I still don’t believe it. The echoes are going on in my mind; wait a second “where is my mind” I suppose like most it rests in my smartphone along with all of my music; now my empty hands but we’ll come back to that won’t we?

My will became your wish, and “your wish is my command,” and so did my ringtone apparently, though I felt I was losing nothing, how could I, why must I ask again and again what I had to offer you. Now I am not a man of faith, but as I learned from my childhood, Jesus gave his life, Adam his rib, and God his time, what all does any man have but his future? Now, this heart truly belongs to you, my future is in the other room, and when I felt hollow and empty, as I wonder what even makes me myself anymore…

Women give life, my mother created a son, she tried to make me a gentleman but as she would tell me, I would find my way and I became a man out of love for her. Call me greedy, call me selfish, but I am a man out of love for you my dear wife, I say I became a man out of love for them, and still I wanted more. How this goes far beyond just being a male or being human, son, man, lover, husband, father, friend, brother. Okay, I’m working on the brother part, ask the sister I text, and the two half-brothers I don’t talk to ever, that’s a lot, right?

What lies inside me is love, I gave my heart, and you gave me yours, along with 3.5 others, yes the dog is always included. There are days without the echoes because your words fill my head with such comfort.

There are far more incredible things than my phone when I take your hand in mine, and I find there is always so much more to give, that I go from empty to overflow, but I don’t have to contain it, not with you my love, do I? To this day I wonder will it ever be enough, but women ask, What’s In The Male?

I Will Have No Fear

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