Lesson 339 ~I Choose You Waifu~

A thousand choices shout praises I read once but does it matter when all those choices are wrong or you don’t know anything about them, like Detroit: Become Human I almost forgot to mention it today. I Choose You Waifu, over my new favorite obsession

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Lesson 339 ~I Choose You Waifu~

Dear Future Wife,
Can You Love Me Again, could you love me before, out of the billions in the world and how many choices leading to the right answer of you and me, us and them, the whole world? Where does one even begin, to tell you the truth I’d given up. I could make you an angel because I’d gone through Hell, a princess, a queen, my belle because I was a dragon, a beast. A storybook heroine and I became a writer so I could hold a woman like you in my arms somehow, someway I chose you.

“But I’ve already chosen. But this woman must also choose me.” Jake Sully, Avatar (2009)

Perhaps this is what I’ve never understood, the reason I need to hear it every day, I want you, I need you, I love you, I choose you, More Than Words, because for so long I didn’t know you were real, hell I didn’t want you to be. I figured I’d screw up, maybe I already had, and no I’m not looking for some overblown story like HIMYM in fact if you liked that show’s ending who knows where we would be. Speaking of fandoms I wasn’t looking to hate or to love, but more for all that I could never have and the man I could never hope to be, theirs, yours my love?

“If you weren’t real, I would make you up now
I wish that I could follow through
I know that your love is true” ― Honey And The Moon

Instead, I saw you in every book I read, scary when you think it’s a mess of YA love stories, Dark Erotica, Dystopian Romance, and apocalypse survivors, if I were the only boy in the world and you were the only girl, would make you choosing me simpler. My Pinterest *sigh* I think I finally realize reminded me of math tests, I write the problem over and over, and when I found you when I chose to be with you, I finally needed an answer. “Unthinkable” isn’t it… that you were in every song, I chose to play about love for you to “Stay With Me,” about the “Power” to be the man for you. To be only a man because I’m only “Human,” and I thought that would be “Easy Street” but “We Are People.”

Hold On, everything will be alright when I thought about the two of us together, I may have had no clue who to choose when I was voting today (anybody who might support Trump didn’t get it) but with you, well… “I know I got to be right now ’cause I can’t get much wronger.” So you’re my choice, and every day I will choose you; I Choose You Waifu.

I Will Have No Fear

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