Lesson 346 ~Everyone Says Hi Will~

Why do I wake up in the morning, dog/kid has to eat and however do I expect to find him a mom and me a wifey not that I’m looking currently, what was I looking up all day today? Everyone Says Hi Will of course music for more playlists right

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lesson 346 ~Everyone Says Hi Will~

Dear Future Wife,
Can You Love Me Again, I suppose after your first cup of coffee or however it is you get up in the morning, and I should know, “I Wanna Know,” I need to know considering you wake up beside me every morning. Seeing you beside me lets me know that it’s a good life no matter what the day may bring, whether it’s my name on your lips, the cries of daddy from the children or the snort of my upset dog, it’s way too early sometimes.

How about for you my Sleeping Beauty, my Cinderella, would you like a kiss or would you prefer to dream, I wonder what I imagine right now because no dream girl could ever compare to you. Maybe I could use a few minutes more, but if there is one thing I could give more of its time and why ever would I want you to leave my side and if I get to admire the view it’s a win-win. What resides under our roof are the words and barks that matter and even the silence of my family, not the cold quiet of the family I grew up in but the family that we’ve created because Everyone Says Hi Will.

To think that word demands so much from me and yet when you wake up beside me all I wish to do is give; with only a kiss I feel like I can take on the world, you drown out all of my fears. A touch of your hand and “Baby, I’m Yours,” all Juliet wanted was Romeo to stay with her, and I’m sure “Mama Said” there’ll be days like this, days where all I’ll ask is for you to “Stay With Me,” or “Stay” a little bit longer. Yeah you know I like to wake up to music; if anything one of my favorite things to do is to wake up on Saturdays, and the two of us listen to some 40’s-50’s nuclear pop, my “Atom Bomb Baby.”

I don’t miss those Saturdays when my “father” would wake me up for haircuts and how I appreciate the dog protecting the kids from the big bad school day, as you protect me from the mean, cruel world, so what do you look forward to when you wake up? Seeing me, I expect miracles when you open your eyes, and you never disappoint, I love you means so much more when Everyone Says Hi Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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