Log 033 ~Will Makes Life Harder~

The only thing harder than writing is, okay, I won’t go there but that and what I have devoted my life to both come out pleasurable in the end; today though let’s see if I have a problem that can trump the two, seriously? Will Makes Life Harder

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Log 033 ~Will Makes Life Harder~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, so why isn’t cold hard cash enough? You know I’ve never held the delusion that money fixes everything? Indeed, money should make things harder because I have plenty of building to do. I say it often enough, brothels, photoshoots, resorts, strip clubs, studios. Not to mention everything that it takes to defend my new empire. It all starts with a pen or pencil in my hand, how my fingers hit the keys. Of course, you know what I have been holding onto these days; day one.

So I’m trying to find things that are harder than that, ha good luck. Well if we start with last night, Hank shot Connor. Relax, it’s Detroit Become Human; still, I hate to lose. If anything makes me despise humanity “It’s In The Game” it’s Hank. If you’re wondering about humanity “In The Desert Of The Real” I saw my sister and nephew last night. I never know what to do with my family; I fucking research Pornstars (LANGUAGE). Friends aren’t helping, though I’m happy for “Indiana Gone.” I’m still planning how to get to her wedding. As for my best friend, my son “B III,” he had a slight illness last night. Puking by the gallons and talk about changing dirty diapers or pee pads. It was hard having to keep him away because his favorite “sick spot” is under the bed… a mess?

Hell, I haven’t spoken to “Okay” in forever. Where else can I find a maid that I could talk out of her clothes one day? You see like that I’m always back to the porn from Hazel Ricotta to Alice March, OnlyTease Hettie, and others. The Devil’s Hand it seems, thank you Alycia Debnam-Carey and Adelaide Kane. Keeping myself in check is tougher than letting B III out twenty times to bark. Dare I say more so than Walmart Chicken Tenders, after twenty-four hours. How about avoiding awkward moments with anyone? I could tell my Day Job no or stand-up to one of the many men there and not some girl. What about being weighed down by some lost Facebook friend? Don’t even get me started on everything in my country that is going wrong.

“Wheels of Steel,” “Iron Will” from William Shakespeare, to the Conqueror and Will Smith. My dreams are gigantic, to hold them, Will Makes Life Harder.

I Will Have No Fear

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