Log 036 ~Let’s Look Up Will~

Now you know everything, and like Jon Snow, I know nothing, well usually but who I am and what I do, well most would run away but you’re here and in love, don’t they say that conquers all, including my fear. “Let’s Look Up Will” or not

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Log 036 ~Let’s Look Up Will~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but SPOILER ALERT I’m not perfect. It’s no secret I’m a writer, but I find my words lacking when it comes to you. Angel, queen, goddess, should I stick with beautiful? I place you so high because you could never let me down. Hell, I never would have believed you would fall for me baby girl. How about the fact that I go so low hoping you’ll never see everything? I would say I’m an open book, but then like a couple of days ago I fear everyone knows too much.

You know like I’m some Erotic novel that needs that HEA disclaimer. With other people, well, I’ve lost friends and family. Now you and me, I need to know that there is a happy ending. In this day and age, I would be surprised if you hadn’t looked me up before we were together. I’m always one for research because I like the control. People can’t be too careful, but still, I wonder what makes you different. Other than being right here and now not running away. Deciding you’ll stay with me; how I wish my playlist were the only thing you’d find. That’s another reason I want my name in the public eye. Of course, you’re not one to be blinded by the glitz and the glamour. Why am I still hiding from you after all this time Love?

Higher aspirations, headphones, wanting to build Heaven for an angel? I still remember reading that somewhere, if you desire an angel, you have to aspire to build her such a home. It wouldn’t bother me if my “blood” read my books but you? Would I give you my phone right now; of course, but I fear you would run? I don’t want any secrets between us; only I don’t want to be alone either. If there is one word that defines me, it would be fear. Only it gets lost in everything else that I am. So why do I think I have the right to ask for everything that you are and may become. You became my wife, the mother of our children. I want to be a better man, but more so I only want to be yours. The man I am Here and Now my baby doll?

Greatest fan of your life but Let’s Look Up Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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