Log 117 ~Will’s Week Of Worries~

I didn’t make my bed today, but strangely enough, I made it to the loveseat and have been sitting here ever since wondering why anyone would want to steal my throne, some T and A as Ice Cube puts it maybe. “Will’s Week Of Worries”

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Log 117 ~Will’s Week Of Worries~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now and not white, so still, I worry. Okay, so I don’t mean to get all racial out the gate. Even at this stage in the game, I would give anything to have peace of mind. Of course, you know what that means, like last night, porn. Well, more so modeling and not mine but Teen Starlet. I’ve also been testing out DVDs and computer games, The Eternal, Casual Romance Club, Virgin Roster. Cherry is probably sick of me wanting to see her naked, but this week.

Last week I was in Rockford, Illinois, getting ready for Indiana Gone’s wedding. You know that old saying about spilled milk and all, but I do regret not dancing with her still. At least all that kept me from a huge concern? What, 1500 miles, getting lost, laughed at, loser noticed wasn’t terrible? Of course, my Firstborn is always a major worry. Not to sound like Alpha but, he’s my son, he’s my baby. The Day Job is a mix of hating everyone and listening to Dale Carnegie. We could talk about money Lady Lu. I’m only now beginning to rebuild, and what about next year. Oh, what about when I asked A&W about our co-worker he is always hanging with these days. There’s also Little A, who I didn’t have the nerve to tell him to “Fuck Off” (LANGUAGE). He gets the point because he did so anyway. Welcome to my life Lady Lu.

Should I be welcoming someone else? You remember while I was on my journey I got an alert from Norton, I got another yesterday. How I wish life were a video game with the danger music so I would know. Well, I guess I’m getting that, but I don’t know what began the alert. It could be my traveling, the same reason I don’t go to the library anymore. I look up plenty of “stuff & thangs” but who, what, when, where, and why. How about somebody wanting to see sexy girls, and here I am paying for “porn” ahem models. It’s a fearful time Lady Lu, but I haven’t noticed a change in anything. If it is a paying service, what was the delay? You know I’ve wished I was dead a million times, but I’ll be damned if somebody steals my life (LANGUAGE).

Whoa, Will’s Week Of Worries.

I Will Have No Fear

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